Living in Harmony

My name is Jeffree and I lead the iAmlove Organization. We have created what we believe to be the most clear, simple, practical and achievable method of reaching our greatest potential for true peace, Love and harmony. We help people around the world to absolutely experience so-called enlightenment, awakening and liberation.

We are each vastly more than a human character holding onto the past and worrying about the future. We are all great spiritual beings presently in participation with a human body and a story telling mind. Who are we really? In all actuality you are the experience of thought (self-talk) and the experience of pure being (beyond thought). Mental suffering and worry is created and perpetuated by self-talk (thought).

The truth that leads to our greatest freedom and unity with God has been complicated and hidden right before our very eyes for thousands of years.

The iAmLove organization created and teaches a very simple and effective method to rise above the self-talk that creates mental suffering and worry called: “The 10 Breaths”. Practicing this we enter into the present moment and beauty of pure life with God.

We also teach one life transforming sentence of wisdom to experience absolute alignment and harmony with the miracle of God in thought (self-talk).  I speak about this one perfect sentence in the video below:

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