Healing and Life Beyond Worry

Creators of “The iAmLove Map”

The iAmLove Organization is led by Jeffrey. There is only God, just as there is only Love and the oneness of life. Concepts of gain and loss, war and peace, sickness and health, good and evil have nothing to do with God and the truth of who we are.

We share and teach the iAmLove Map. We are dedicated to the relief of human suffering and worry. Your life is sacred, precious and valuable beyond measure. You are created in the image and likeness of God, therefore you are a perfect spiritual child of God. Right this very moment, God is entirely with you in every moment, breath and step.

The purpose of life is to be one with God, living in perfect harmony. The iAmLove Map, is a simple daily practice for healing, transcending worry, growing closer to God and living in harmony. The map contains seven daily steps to our greatest freedom.

“Our supreme purpose is to Love and cherish God.”

The more we Love, the more we heal.  Ideas of sin, sickness, fear, worry, death and evil do not exist when we truly walk with God in the oneness of life. The iAmLove path is clear, simple, direct and summed up in three words: Perfect, Love, All.

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