I Am Love 

The Purpose of Life

A book by Jeffrey Krumholz
due out January 1, 2017

If I could tell the world one thing it would be that the purpose of life is to be completely loved by God. 

The words God and love have so many meanings and interpretations to different people yet down deep most of us realize that God is pure unconditional love.

God is massively greater than any religion or spiritual tradition. Being unconditionally loving it is simply not in the nature of God to judge or hurt anyone.

This book is a simple and sacred map to reaching our potential for happiness, love and true peace and it all starts with a declaration.

“I Am Love, God is Love, Love is Everything”  


Chapter 1: The Greatest Question 

Chapter 2: In the Arms of Love

Chapter 3: The Miracle of Gentleness

Chapter 4: Slowing Down & Letting Go

Chapter 5: True and Lasting Peace

Chapter 6: The Challenges of Human Life

Chapter 7: Your Daily Practice