Tough times may come but the power of LOVE just keeps getting stronger.  The people of the world have something to say, “I AM LOVE!”




5 Things we would like you to know about The IAMLOVE Organization:

  1. We present The IAMLOVE Global Meditation (free) the first Sunday of every month. 
  2. We present The 7 Affirmations of Love Workshop (free) 3 times a year.
  3. We believe in the miracle of God. We do not follow a specific religion or spiritual tradition. We believe that God is unconditional Love which means that pure and true God never judges anyone. To judge would be conditional love.
  4. We believe meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking and nature are imperative to our evolution.  
  5. When we hurt ourselves and others we each pay a price of internal suffering. The miracle of God never judges us or leaves our side and eventually maybe even through lifetimes we find our way home to Love and being one with God.  

Please note: If you have an existing faith or spiritual practice that is working well for the miracle of your life you are blessed. To prevent conflict or hurt feeling we do not share opinions about existing religions or spiritual traditions.  All are welcome to share in the IAMLOVE Movement.

The 7 Affirmations of Love Workshops for 2018

The Boulder event on January 7, 2018 has been gifted to the people of Colorado, all tickets are FREE (ticket value $45) registration required and based on availability.

January 7, 2018 – Boulder, Colorado 

Click here or select the menu option above “I AMLOVE Workshop & Tickets” to register for a free event ticket

June 3, 2018 – Portland, Oregon

October 21, 2018 – Boston, Massachusetts

January 6, 2019 – London, England

Event & Workshop Leader Jeffrey Krumholz 


The book, key chain and wall calendar below are a few of the powerful tools used in our workshop to ensure your success.  This workshop is for all of humanity regardless of race, religion or beliefs. The world is filled with endless books and involved teachings, we believe the truth and our greatest freedom can be so simple…  


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