A book from the Ocean of Love written and published by The IAmLove Organization that will be released January 1, 2017

This message and book is not associated with a specific religion or spiritual path. A universal message of love for all.

You may email info@iamlove.org to receive a free copy of this book when it becomes available.

The first page of the upcoming book…

The Miracle of Love

The greatest purpose and the highest aim of every human life is to be entirely loved.  You were born to reach your potential to experience unconditional love. Your essence and true nature is pure love.  

It is 2:50 a.m. and I am sleeping, in my dreams I see a vision of the sun over the ocean and hear God say to my mother “Now your are free, look me in the eyes.” I wake up in a very peaceful state and my phone rings and it is my sister telling me that Mom has just passed.

My mother appeared to live most of her adult life disconnected from God. Life can be so hard and completely overwhelmig with out feeling entirely loved by God. I am sure if you asked my mother the one thing I desired most for her she would tell you “To feel entirely loved by God”. I desire this for you as well.

The human mind, ego and mental conditioning we all go through in life can cause many of us to turn away from God and the ocean of love.  Hearing God say to her “Now you are free, look me in the eyes.” Is a miracle blessing from God to my heart.  Instantly I think of how great God is and I mean the greatest miracle there will ever be.   

The forever Love of God will always be calling for you. Some of us will be free with God in this lifetime while others will experience this freedom when they pass. The intelligence of love lives within each and everyone of us and is waiting to be set free.  

Regardless if you talk to God, regardless if you reach out your hand to God, regardless if you surrender into the arms of God  – every particle of your being is held now and forever by the pure love of God.  

One perfect day if not already you will entirely reach for God, it is written in the stars.   

Please know…

  1. We are forever and completely loved by God. 
  2. We are far more than human characters. We are beings of love and light from the ocean of divine and eternal love.
  3. The time has come to make the shift from thinking to being. To go beyond our attachment to the thinking mind and ego. A simple meditation of love and stillness is presented in the pages ahead. A small percentage of you will not even need to meditate to make this shift.   

Love is everything!


The Miracle of Love

Chapter 1: Being Entirely Loved

Chapter 2: The Daily Life Practice of Love

Chapter 3: The Suffering Released

Chapter 4: Being Still With God

Chapter 5: Pure Life, Love & Awareness

Chapter 6: Letting Go & Acceptance

Chapter 7: Challenges of Life

Chapter 8: A Lifestyle of Love