True Peace, Healing & Enlightenment

My name is Jeffree, I am a spiritual teacher, guide and coach living in Colorado, USA. What I will share beyond this next paragraph may be a little more spiritually advanced then what some of you are ready for, however the wisdom contained in this next paragraph is for everyone…

Twenty years ago I had a major health challenge and surgery and I experienced the most amazing, peace, love, healing and grace through the whole experience and thereafter. I will share with you why and how but I do realize we are all at different places. In the hospital the night before the operation I heard the inner voice of God say you are always in my arms, you will be in my arms during the entire operation and when the time comes for you to pass on you will be in my arms on the other side. I felt so completely loved by God. I was able to completely trust and be certain is God. In my heart I do believe no matter what you are going through you are in the arms of God’s perfect Love right this moment and always on this human side and when you pass on. There is no where you can go that God is not with you and holding you forever. When you surrender to this most beautiful truth then you can relax knowing God has us no matter what. Wishing you the peace and certainty that comes with trusting God. – Jeffree

The most effective way to overcome health challenges, worry, anxiety, bad habits, addiction and unhappiness is to awaken to our higher consciousness. Our lower consciousness (ego) creates endless worry, sickness, bad habits and suffering.

Look deeply into the eyes of this baby and you will see our true nature which is the pure consciousness of life observing creation.

The primary cause of mental suffering, worry, sickness, disease, anxiety, addictions, bad habits and unhappiness is our experience of endless self-talk created by the illusion of the egoic mind.

Can you see the boundless consciousness in the eyes of this baby?

The consciousness you can sense in the eyes of this baby lives in you always and forever right this moment!

This boundless consciousness in you does not own anything including worry. It does not pretend to gain and lose things. It does not have a past or future. You are already whole and complete with God as the pure consciousness of life.

Observe the current state of these people…

They are lost in the mortal mind of not feeling happy or fulfilled. They are fighting for what they think they want and do not want. People can live their whole human lifetime captivated by this illusion of endless ideas of gain, loss suffering and attachment.

One day if not already you will realize and experience the truth of who you are as pure consciousness observing the miracle and wonder creation. You will continually remind yourself there is no past or future. You will naturally seek to experience and spread love, goodness and harmony.

The truth of who you are right this moment and forever does not gain or loss anything. It is only the ego and old man nature that pretends we are only human and subject to endless ideas of gain and loss. Most religions as beautiful as they are never leave the realm of ego/self-talk and the attachment to past and future ideas. For example in Christianity most believers have little or no training at leaving the realm of ego. What essentially happens is the human ego takes on the pursuit of God which becomes an on-going battle of Godly thoughts verses unGodly thoughts. Please understand there is no judgment here, nothing is better or worse.

Our higher consciousness of true peace, love and harmony is behind and beyond the mortal body, mind and ego projection and illusion.

My name is Jeffree and I am a guide and healer based in Colorado, USA helping people around the world to re-awaken to the truth of who we are…

One day I deeply realized something so simple and true that even science agrees with – there is no past or future. I saw that my higher consciousness was the pure awareness of life as perceived in the eyes of these babies. I realized at the core of our beings we are the intelligence of life simply observing the miracle of creation. We are extensions and branches of God purposed to experience and expand peace, Love and harmony. We do not own or control life in anyway. Ideas of gain, loss, past, future, time and suffering are illusions of the mortal mind and ego.

I decided from that day on, every new day upon waking and before bed I would read and attune to the following 10 points of wisdom. Furthermore at the immediate first sign of a challenging pain, discomfort, worry, anxiety, difficult relationship, unhealthy craving, bad habit or addiction I would again read and attune to the these 10 steps of wisdom.

I teach, coach and empower people around the world (one-on-one) to understand, apply, practice and live these 10 daily steps of wisdom…

The first immediate response to any concern is: All Is So Perfect

  1. Concern you are my teacher with the question: How will I respond to this concern?
  2. I will remind myself who I really am.
  3. There is no past or future.
  4. I am the pure consciousness of life that does not gain or lose. I practice being empty, remaining silent and still. I am observing creation without the self-talk.
  5. I exist to experience and expand unconditional peace, love and harmony.
  6. Concern you are really not a problem rather you are a brilliant reminder that all is so perfect.
  7. I am reminding myself to enjoy living in slow motion, to being very soft, gentle and peaceful. To become aware of my breathing (to feel the breath coming in and out, the belly rising and fall).
  8. To do a sitting meditation every new day for 60 minutes (no short cuts, excuses or compromise). To quietly spend 30 minutes or more each new day in the miracle of nature. Because of your sitting meditation and time in nature it will be much easier for you to do this: I am reminding myself to focus my attention on being the unattached observer of the miracle of life. To focus my attention like a laser on a particular sound, view or sensation.
  9. If and when I feel the pull of an unhealthy craving, bad habit or addiction again the teacher is asking: How will I respond to this concern?
  10. You are powerfully calling me to remember that I am not the illusion of restlessness, boredom or loneliness. You are inspiring me to remember that I am whole, complete and content. It is time to get back to seeing the beauty, goodness, purity and wonder of life.

Bonus Wisdom Very Important: When troubles come, health challenges, unhealthy cravings, addictive impulses and destructive thoughts do not run from them, do not try to push them away. Why? Because that will cause them to get stronger and more elusive to move on from. Inform these concerns they are welcome to be here and you will not be trying to push them away, however you will be focusing your attention on the ten steps above 🙂

If someone is experiencing challenging worry and anxiety it may be hard to follow this wisdom at first but do your best and before long life will become much easier. Practice applying this wisdom when you are not in a challenging state!

Print out this list of these 10 steps of wisdom and place it in your pocket so you can read and follow it whenever you get triggered. Put a copy on your night stand, on your refrigerator, on your car dashboard, on your bathroom mirror at your desk…

Every potential worry, sickness. or concern is a continual gift and reminder to awaken our being to God and the truth of who we are!

Living in this way, speaking true life into the illusions of the mortal body and mind worries, anxiety, sickness and bad habits fade away.

Where does ones faith, religion, spiritual beliefs and values come in? Read, live, pray and apply them as much your heart desires.

My job is to help you heal and absolutely rise above the human ego and the suffering it creates into your higher consciousness.

I am a personal coach and guide based in Colorado USA helping clients around the world to live and practice this life transforming wisdom. To learn more about my help, encouragement and support you may email me at:

I am compensated for my time only if and after you experience life transforming success 🙂

My experience includes extensive knowledge and background with faith, religion, spiritual traditions and meditation. I have faced and overcame a major health challenge more than twenty years ago. An accomplished healer and nutrition guide. I am a grounded teacher of balance, simplicity, deep time in nature and the experience of genuine awakening.

A closing thought of insight…

The worst thing an Astronaut on a mission to the moon can do is to forget their mission. Most of all the Children of Light here on Earth have forgotten their absolute mission and have fallen into the prison of the human ego. Did you really think your mission was to make as much money as you can, to raise children to get imprisoned by the human ego as well, to have as much sex and pizza as you can? Do you really think endless mental suffering, worry, sickness, addiction, lonliness and loss is the truth of what God has created for his Children of Light?

What is our true absolute mission? To be the Children of Light not the children of the human self-focused ego. Most sexual behavior, sugar, nicotine, caffeine, thc, alcohol, drugs and violent or demeaning books, movies, video games and behavior feed and expand the human ego. Maybe follow the 10 steps above and email me for support if indeed you are ready to be The Child of Light you truly are…

When you speak why not simply declare what God is? given that in truth there is only the light of God.

God you are perfect health

God you are perfect goodness and purity

God you are perfect gentleness and contentment

God you are perfect healing and provision

God you are perfect Love 🙂