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Dear Friends,

My name is Jeffree and I lead The iAmLove Organization. I have studied the many faiths and practice extensively meditation and mindfulness. I know the great silence, stillness and present moment yet through it all for me nothing compares to having a relationship with the miracle of God.

There is a place with God where one can not lose anything because we are truly whole and complete in God. It is a grace filled place when you realize you can lose nothing from within the forever arms of God. There is no great mystery to how this is possible when you understand there is life with God in the unchanging truth and Love or there is a false life in the human ego in the ever changing suffering and worry of gain and loss ideas. With God we simply throw away our attachment to the human ego and all of its ideas of gain and loss. When our faith brings us to a place of truly walking in the Spirit nothing unreal can touch us, hence we can lose nothing because loss is an ego idea.

I know many of you would ask how can cancer or the loss of a loved one not be a problem and a loss. The answer is that you do not belong to the ego and its ideas of gain and loss, rather you and your loved ones have and will always belong to God and live with God in the unchanging Spirit of eternal Love. If a Loved one passes from this mortal dream they are still forever alive with God in perfect harmony. The part of you that can feel crushed, broken and scared by loss is really just the imagined ego of gain and loss ideas that is apart from God. You are the beloved child of God that is already whole, complete and forever surrounded by God’s Love, how amazing is that!

Magnificent Holy Father

If it is our destiny, we fall so completely in Love with God.

The Great Teacher and Hero of Love

If it is our destiny, Jesus Christ becomes the absolute hero of our life.

There is Only the Light of God.

We share the life transforming message:

The Greatest Healing