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About the Book

In the Arms of Love

Every human life is sacred and an absolute miracle. We are each at different places in our learning, growing and understanding on the journey of life.

“Know with absolute certainty, you are forever in the Arms of Love. Before taking birth in this human body you were in the Arms of Love. In every breath, step and moment of this human life you are in the Arms of Love. When you pass on from this human experience you will be forever in the Arms of Love. The miracle and oneness of God is unconditional love, non-judgment and is far greater than any religion or spiritual path. Be encouraged to talk and walk with God in your own special way.”

Every human being lives in the two worlds of thinking and being simultaneously. Thinking is a conceptual world of illusion and separation. Being is our true nature that is one with God and all of creation. To reach our potential in life we are wise to master the art of positive thinking.

You may find it telling to know that mental suffering and worry is entirely created and perpetuated in the illusion of the thinking mind and does not even exist in our true nature that is a state of pure being.

“Blessed are they that by grace are able to work and shape their lives into a precious gift. Greater are they, that prepare the way of inner-peace and harmony for present and future generations.”

Chapter 1

The Single Greatest Positive Thinking Approach of the Human Race

Chapter 2

Mastering the Art of Positive Thinking  

  1. Living Your True Purpose – Love & Harmony
  2. Humor – A Better Life in Spite of Our Conditioning
  3. Slowing Down, Balance, Lifestyle – The Daily Life Map
  4. Eating Healthy, Staying Fit and Thriving
  5. Job / Career Clarity & Wellness
  6. Financial Needs and Challenges
  7. Confidence and Self-Esteem
  8. Facing a Health Challenge
  9. A Billion People are Facing the Same Troubles You Are
  10. Fear, Worry, Anxiety – Sensations Rising, Falling & Passing Away
  11. Depression and Sadness
  12. Physical Pain
  13. Sexual Integrity
  14. Losing Our Way, Anger and Confusion
  15. Time in Nature
  16. Bullying, Racism and Disrespect
  17. Overcoming Loneliness
  18. Parenting Encouragement
  19. The Miracle of Gentleness
  20. The Suffering of a Loved One
  21. Passing On with Grace
  22. Overcoming an Addiction
  23. Separation & Divorce
  24. Amazing Relationships and Finding A True Life Partner
  25. Encouragement: Books, Movies, TV and Games
  26. Making Mistakes, Forgiveness, Humility, Gratitude & Service
  27. Positive and Negative People, Situations & Energy
  28. Acceptance, Letting Go and the Unfamiliar
  29. Understanding, Patience, Kindness and Compassion
  30. Trust, Honesty, Respect & Non-Judgement

Chapter 3

Enlightenment, Awakening and True Freedom

“The mind made perception of existence, a conceptual dance of perceived gain, loss, pleasure, pain, joy and suffering.  In true oneness, we do not exist apart from God or one another. Here in lies the great paradox, I do not exist apart from God, therefore I AM.” 

Chapter 4

I Am the Divine Love of God 

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