heartpage The people of the world have something to say, “I AM LOVE!”

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The IAMLOVE Organization’s mission is to help humanity reach its greatest potential for true peace, love and harmony in the most simple way possible. Enlightenment is our true nature. Worry is an invitation to evolve beyond the illusion of separation and return to the oneness of life with God and all of creation.

We offer a video called “The IAMLOVE Workshop” that comes with “The 7 Affirmations of Love Poster & Program”

Presented by: Jeffrey Krumholz 


“The 7 Affirmations of Love Poster & Program”  


“The 7 Affirmations of Love” poster is 24″ x 36″ and comes unframed. It is so much more than a poster and will help you to powerfully transform your life in the most amazing and simple way.