There are two primary worlds in the human experience – being and thinking.  Awakening is the experience of being and not thinking.  

The following is a direct path of awakening and assumes you already know about the ego and are here for the final work and support to awaken. 

Wisdom Card 1: I Must Awaken

Every human life is born with the awesome and powerful ability to dedicate their life to one thing above all else. If we must awaken and choose to make this our highest priority, it will happen.

Wisdom Card 2: The Sitting Meditation

For thousands of years we have used the breath to powerfully cultivate a one pointed focus to still the mind and shift to our greater consciousness. 

We will sit in meditation 3 times a day for 30 minutes (additional meditation is your pleasure, we are looking for 3 quality consistent meditations every day without excuses) 

1) Upon waking usually between 5am and 7am

2) Mid-day usually between 12pm – 3pm

3) Evening usually between 8pm – 10pm

In a chair or on the floor with eyes closed, breathing thru your nose. Focus your attention like a laser at noticing and feeling the air coming in and out of the beginning part of our nose. Your goal is to feel the skin on the upper lip just before the entrance of the nose. Eventually you will feel the sensation and tingle of air coming up and down upon your upper lip.

Why are we doing this? Because it creates an amazing one pointed focus bringing stillness to the mind.

If you look closely at humanity you will see that most everyone is talking to themselves endlessly day and night. Even their dreams at night are created by the mind having a conversation with itself. You may find it hard to believe but enlightenment is simply when we stop talking to ourselves and reside in the tranquil state of pure being. Make no mistake about a quiet mind is an olympic endevor. 

Wisdom Card 3: The Living Meditation 

During the day wherever we are and go our highest priority is to focus our laser like attention on noticing and feeling the air coming in and out of the entry of the nose. To intensely feel the sensation and tingle of air coming across the upper lip.

Additionally when every possible focus your attention like a laser on various things you see, hear, feel, taste or smell. We are after a one pointed focus in most everything we are doing. 

Working Meditation: When creating something, doing a task or working apply a one pointing focus on what you are doing.

I Am Reminders: At the end of every sitting and living meditation we are to remind ourselves when at work we are not the worker, in daily life we are not the person, that we are the pure awareness of life, that we are “Beings of Energy”, that we own nothing, to be detached from being a human character, that everything is right on time, we are not this body, we are not the circumstances of daily life, be still, be silent, we are boundless, we are one with all of life, I am.

Slow-motion: At the end of every sitting and living meditation we are to remind ourselves to live in slow-motion. To walk, talk, drive, work and eat slowly and more consciously.

Moderation & Discipline: Fast every other day for half the day or more and stay away from drugs, alcohol & discouraging: media, tv, movies books, games and people.    

Daily Exercise: Do yoga or some form of stretching or movement with a one pointed focus and your attention on the breath coming in and out of your nose.

Wisdom Card 4: Talking/Ego

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Wisdom Card 5: Life Challenges

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