In the Arms of Love


Every human life is sacred, precious and an absolute miracle. If you receive one true blessing and gift from this book, let it be – to know, with absolute certainty, that the highest purpose of your life is to reach your potential to receive Love. Prepare yourself for a message of radical simplicity and universal Love for all of humanity that is not associated with a specific religion or spiritual tradition.

My name is Jeffrey Krumholz, I run an organization called “I Am Love” in Boulder, Colorado. We create and publish positive and encouraging books and games for adults and children.  I am currently 50 years old. When I was 26 I faced a life threatening illness for seven years.  During this time I found myself challenged to the core of my being. I responded by spending most of my time in nature, seeking a closeness with God, practicing meditation and positive thinking.

I learned something very important about life during this health challenge.  Something I have found to be true: We are all in the arms of LOVE.

I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood in the United States. My mother was Christian and my father was Jewish but they did not practice their faith nor talk much with their children about God or unconditional Love.  Life can be so challenging for each of us.  I believe my parents did their best given what they had been through in life and what they received from their parents.  I love them both so very much.

I took a stand of love with my mom through the years and told her the single highest purpose of my presence in her life was to remind her that she is forever in the arms of God’s perfect and pure Love.  My mother was very scared and overwhelmed toward the end of her lifetime. I believe one significant reason was because she did not actively cultivate a relationship with God. She was very frightened that life might be a dead end and a black hole when she passes. There was much pain and a deep sadness to leave her loved ones and the experience of life on this side.  I wish that she and anyone struggling with life and or the passing on process would open their heart to the miracle of God and the brilliant life that awaits us beyond this one.

Six months ago I had a dream and beheld the brilliant sun shinning over the ocean and I felt and heard what seemed like the presence of God say to my mother, “Now you are free. Look into my eyes.”  I awoke with a sense of an amazing peace. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was my sister calling to say that mom had just passed a way.

I will tell you this, I am a deeply spiritual being that practices meditation, yoga and positive thinking. I will also tell you that I have an unstoppable heart for God.  I do not follow a specific religion or spiritual tradition though I have extensive knowledge regarding many of them. I believe that God is the intelligence of Love, free of all judgement, exclusion and division.  In the chapters ahead I will share my heart with the miracle of you. I sincerely hope it will help you to reach your greatest potential to receive Love now and forever.

The Core Message of the Book

The Book Index

Chapter 1: The Purpose of Life (read below)

Chapter 2: The Miracle of You (read below)

Chapter 3: The Letter “Life Beyond Worry”

Chapter 4: Slowing Down and Simplicity

Chapter 5: Living in Balance

Chapter 6: Returning to Nature

Chapter 7: Being Still, Meditation and Oneness

Chapter 8: A Daily Life Practice

In the Arms of Love

Chapter 1     The Purpose of Life

The single highest purpose of every human life is to receive Love. Of course, giving is essential but it will happen naturally the more we learn to authentically receive Love. Just as a sunflower is purposed to receive sunshine, every human being is born to receive Love. If you examine and ponder a sunflower you will see it is made of sunshine just as you are ultimately made of pure Love.

I tell you with absolute certainty that you are a “Being of Love”. Your true nature is Love but there is a part of you that feels separate, fearful and worried.

If we intend to reach our potential for love, happiness and a life beyond suffering and worry, we must understand that we are walking in two worlds at the same time.  We each have a higher and a lower state of being.  The higher is a state of pure being that is one with all of life and the lower is a dream state of pure thinking and self-talk that is responsible for the illusion of separation and our suffering.

For thousands of years religions, spiritual traditions and systems of education have failed to teach us that we are each walking in two very different worlds at the same time.  The world of pure being, unity, God and unconditional Love and the imagined world of thinking, separation, suffering and illusion.  The ramifications of not knowing and honoring that we are indeed living in two different worlds at the same time are enormous.  We will discuss and resolve this pivotal teaching that has been missing from our humanity which is the root cause of human suffering in the chapters ahead.

We must understand that Love, God and Unity are entirely conditional through the eyes of a conceptual thinking, dreaming mind.  Lasting peace, true freedom, unconditional love and communion with God is realized when we honor our true nature that is a state of pure being and oneness that is beyond thinking, self-talk and our personal life stories that divide us from God, oneness and one another.

This is a book about waking up to the truth of who we really are. It is a book that declares we all have the same ultimate purpose in life, which is to reach our potential to receive love. It is a book about breathing Love, God and Unity in every breath. It is about trust.

Let’s talk about Love. First off, the experience of Love is so much more than from one human to another.  Surely, we are held by a greater Love that transcends this human form. Love is coming to us from every direction. Love is in the sunshine, ocean, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, flowers, blue skies, starry nights and creatures of the Earth. Love finds us in the air we breathe, the land we walk upon, the water we drink and the food we eat. We are loved by fellow human beings, angels and loved ones who have passed on each new day. We are never alone and always in unity and concert with life. If we feel lonely or separate it is because we are lost in our lower consciousness and we are wise to rise up and embrace our greater consciousness.  As far as this book and message is concerned God is Love, you are Love and Love is life living in harmony. There is an intimacy and sacredness to the experience of Love.  The title of this book “In the Arms of Love” is to say that not only are we “Beings of Love” but that we are each entirely held in the arms of Love.

One of the most amazing things about true Love is that it is selfless and beyond offense. True Love is gentle, kind, caring and always seeking to encourage life at every turn. True Love does not push, worry, control, or get attached. True Love is filled with understanding, temperance and compassion. True Love owns absolutely nothing, including worry. It is beyond fear blame and resentment. True Love is wise and will not dwell where it may lose strength and light. True Love is forever guided by the question, “What would Love do?” True Love is the sunshine of life that knows that the giving is the receiving.  True Love is always free and forever smiling.

Many people never take time to consider where we have come from prior to our human birth and how our life extends beyond this earthly visit. We have come from the ocean of pure Love, from God and the oneness of life, and in due course we shall fully return. In this experience of being human our greater consciousness has entered into a partnership with a limited yet miraculous human body and dreaming mind.

In reaching our potential, we will need to learn how to transcend suffering and worry. When we experience suffering the ultimate gift and lesson is to not own it.  This does not mean we avoid taking responsibility for the life we have been given. We are each called to do our best and let go of the rest.  In true oneness there is no such thing as ownership. By the time you finish this book you will come to fully realize that you do not own worry, suffering, this body or the circumstances of life.  In the pages ahead you will learn how to exchange suffering for true peace by learning to trust God, source and the oneness of life like never before.  There is so much freedom in not trying to own and control life.  Together we will learn to live in true harmony.

Do not doubt for one second, the greatness of your being. You are like cosmic royalty brought to life here on Earth. You were born to reach your potential to Love and be loved beyond the illusions of a story telling mind.  You are “A Great Spiritual Being of Love” held in the perfect and forever arms of Love – this you can be sure. You have come to choose Love. You have come to powerfully trust the ocean of pure Love, true God and oneness. You have come to ask the question at every turn: What Would Love Do?

A Short and True Story: In the Arms of Love

Back in 2008 I was living in Colorado and saw the headline of a newspaper showing a city in Iowa devastated by a major flood. That night, while walking around a lake, I looked up at the evening sky and said “God, should I go to Iowa and help?”  I then said, “If you send a shooting star I will take that as a yes.”  A moment later I saw the biggest and brightest shooting star of my entire life.  It was amazing. I knew it was time to pack my bags.

I was not sure how I would help, but I knew it would somehow all work out.  I drove for about 10 hours, during this time, I decided to write a letter of love and encouragement to the people that were devastated by this flood.  When I arrived, I wrote the letter and used a copy machine to make copies. I then drove into the communities that appeared to be impacted the most and parked my car and said “now what?”  I heard a voice inside say, “Just go door to door and Love the people.” I was nervous but choiceless at that point. I knocked on the first door and met with the homeowners and families that were so overwhelmed. These families had entire floors under water, it was especially heart breaking to see children’s furniture, toys and clothing soaking wet, ruined and pilled up in the street.  I told them how sorry I was to see them going through all of this.  I asked them to take a moment with me to realize they are not alone in this, that they are always and forever in the arms of God’s Love. We sat on their porches and shared some tears.  Through me those few days, God found yet another way to reach and remind his precious and beautiful children he was with them. I gave everyone a copy of the letter of love that I had written earlier.  I recall seeing that some of the families had posted the letter I had written with God’s help to the side of their flooded homes and on their porches.  I recall one person finding it hard to believe that someone would drive so far to visit them.  It is important to mention that the miracle of God delivered me to their door steps.

The point I hope to make clear above and will further do so in the next part of this story is that we are never alone and are always in the arms of LOVE.  I often wonder about the best part of you, me and every other person on this planet. I know in my heart the best part of you is an amazing gift and blessing, that is sure to powerfully touch and encourage the lives of so many others.

Later that week I attended a community church close to where the flooding had taken place.  A woman approached me, and asked, “Where are you from?” I replied, “Colorado” and then she asked, “What type of church do you attend their?”  I replied, “I find that the Love of God is moving everywhere, sometimes I go to be with God in a church, other times in nature, sometimes a temple or a meditation hall.” She replied: “You are so blessed to Love God so openly”.  I asked, “Where are you from and where do you go to be with God more deeply?”  She replied, “I am from the south and attend a Baptist church there.”  I could see and feel there was a longing in her heart and I asked, “Would you like me to share how it is that I experience God so openly?” She replied, “Yes, I would like that very much.”

She was a woman in her late 50’s and I asked her if she had children and she replied, yes. I asked her to remember a time when she was holding one of them as an infant in her arms. She began to remember and I asked her if the child was a boy or girl. She replied it was her daughter. I asked her to imagine cradling her baby girl preciously in her arms.

I then asked her to close her eyes and imagine looking down at the miracle of her baby girl, to see and feel the most beautiful and precious bundle of Love in her arms.  Your daughter is gazing up at you with her eyes of pure love. Your heart is overflowing with pure love, immense joy, gratitude and sincere humility to be her mommy. I then asked her, can you feel this complete love and affection? are you there? She replied, “I am there”.

Next I encouraged her to imagine placing her daughter down into a safe and comfortable crib.  I asked her to place her hands gently on her heart. Now it is time, for you to fully realize, that God and the ocean of Love is entirely holding and cradling the absolute and sacred miracle of you. A warm loving energy begins to surround you. You start to feel deeply relaxed as if a waterfall of gentle, soft and warm light is flowing from the top of your head all over your body. You realize you are being completely held in the arms of pure love. A gentle strong and soothing voice encourages you to open your eyes and you see that warm golden sunshine is entirely surrounding you. Next, the pure and healing Love of God pours into every particle of your being.  You hear the words “You are my precious child and I will hold and cherish you in my arms of unconditional Love forever. You will never go anywhere that I am not entirely with you. You will continually rise and do great things in the name of Love. At times you will fall down and make mistakes, but know this, I will always encourage and forgive you. I will never stop Loving you.”

At that moment, seeing tears upon her face, I excused myself knowing that she was in the arms of Love.  Later that day a large man came up behind me placing both of his hands firmly on my shoulders.  Before I could turn to face him, the man said in a deep and strong voice, “I am a Baptist Minister and what you did for my wife, I could never have done for her.”

To you, dear reader, I hope and pray that you will join me now and place your hands on your heart and say “God, I know you have me in your arms of pure Love.”

Chapter 2: The Miracle of You

Many of you are hoping and waiting for a miracle. You pray to a god,  goddess, or other higher power for a miracle to end suffering and make this world a better place. Some of you are not expecting miracles and are just trying to make it through life. There are those of you that have financial resources and are materially very comfortable yet you lack a depth of purpose and real meaning in your lives. Many of you are struggling far too much. Then there are those of you that walk in the grace and are truly blessed.

The time has come to tell you, with great clarity, that the miracle that ends suffering and brings about true harmony will not be coming from the outside, rather it will come from the inside of You. The core of every human heart will be a conduit of the unconditional Love of God.

The Miracle of You can be seen, realized and felt when the sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, trees and flowers are seen through your precious eyes; when your body is immersed in the oceans, rivers and lakes of this world; when you dance in the rain or snow flakes falling from the open sky; when you taste the fruits, vegetables and nourishing foods of creation; when the birds sing to you along with all of creation; when the wind moves through the trees and circles back to fill your lungs with fresh air; when the water shimmers in the sunlight and reflects into your soul; when you hear the sound of rain or a gentle stream; when the star filled sky brings wonder and astonishment to your soul.

The Miracle of You can see and hear the precious children playing in a local school yard; can stand on a cliff and cry, laugh and sing to creation; can dance, skip, climb, jump and roll; can enjoy the meow and touch of a cat, the bark and unconditional love of a dog; can sit peacefully with your back up against a tree or on a porch looking out into the surrounding peace and tranquility; can enjoy the comfort of a cozy bed, the arms and kiss of someone you love; can bring kindness and love to this world; can walk and hold hands with other precious people upon this Earth. The Miracle of You knows that giving and helping others is true love and that when You smile, love is smiling.

What if I told you that the stars twinkle every night anticipating the coming of your new day? The sun will rise, shine, warm and illuminate creation every new day for you.  The Earth will seed and grow endless bounty for you to see, love, and appreciate.  Regardless if you believe all this is being done for you,  truly this is your reality.

If we are honest, there is also great struggle, for most people, in the experience of being human.  Many of us experience significant mental suffering, worry and physical pain.  The purpose of life is to reach our potential to receive love. To do this, we will need to rise above the mental and physical suffering and learn to handle and face the reality of pain with greater courage, acceptance and less worry.  We must learn to trust God a little more each new day and honor our true undivided nature, that is a state of pure being, rather than conceptual thinking.

It is important to remember that we are all at different places on the journey of life.  We each have unique strengths, weaknesses and life challenges. So many of us struggle to slow down and simplify life. We are wise to remain very humble and non-judgmental regarding other people’s capabilities and circumstances.

The following is a story called “The Miracle of You” that will powerfully help you to transcend the mental and physical anguish of this world.

A Short Story  “The Miracle of You” 

In a small, quiet town just outside of a busy city, a man named Brian exits a local coffee shop. This was his first time traveling through this tiny town and, while returning to his car, he noticed a quaint, old world style building. Above the doorway was a meticulously painted, handmade sign which simply said: The Miracle of You. Intrigued, he stopped for a moment, and wondered what might be going on in such place? Still musing, he ambled to his car; got in, put the key in the ignition. He turned the key to start. Nothing happened; the car was not starting.  With a sinking feeling he tried again; still nothing.  A passing stranger noticed the situation and asked Brian if he would like a jump start. Brian replied, “Yes, I would appreciate that very much”.  Obligingly, the man pulled his car next to Brian’s and got out with jumper cables in hand. They popped the hoods of their cars and attached the cables.  On the next attempt Brian’s engine roared to life.

Leaving his car running, Brian stepped out and thanked the kind fellow for his help.  As an afterthought, he asked the man, “What’s that place about?” Pointing to the quirky little building with the sign saying: The Miracle of You.

The man replied, “Inside you will meet the most loving and compassionate old man. If you go in there he will likely say something encouraging that will touch and encourage your life beyond belief. He charges nothings and only wants for you to reach your potential to be happy. Some people have traveled from clear around the world to see him.  He has blessed me and almost everyone in this town beyond belief.”

Looking at the old building Brian began to wonder if he should go in. The good Samaritan detached the jumper cables, closed the car hoods and climbed back into his car. He waved and smiled broadly as he drove off.

Brian couldn’t help but think that maybe he should visit “The Miracle of You” and see what happens. He decided to go for it. Feeling adventurous, he crossed the street, and proceeded through the front door under that unique sign.

The room he entered was nearly empty and strangely quiet, in the far corner he saw a man sitting at a small wooden table.  Without saying a word, the man pointed to an empty chair across the table. It was obvious that he was encouraging Brian to join him. Brian walked to the table, sat down, and introduced himself, “My name is Brian.” The older man still did not say a word. He smiled and gently slid an elegant cup and saucer across the table to Brian.

The elderly man then picked up a beautiful tea pot and poured tea into Brian’s cup. It was difficult for Brian to remain silent, but he did, out of respect, and they both sat taking gentle sips of tea. The room was illuminated by the sun and the peaceful, positive energy of this mysterious man. There was essentially nothing in the room; the floor was plain pinewood, uncovered; the sunlight, the shadows, the table, chairs; and this old man with his tea. There was something sacred about this simple place. Looking toward the front window he noticed specs of dust floating, falling and rising in the sunlight.  Brian wondered to himself, had he ever even noticed dust floating about in the sunlight before, let alone in such a magical and peaceful way? Sitting there, in this room, at this table, with this enigmatic old man, Brian felt time stood still. He felt filled with a pristine, pure sense of peace and an immaculate awareness of simply…being.

“Tomorrow, at noon, will be my last public visit,” the old man said, “I opened this place of encouragement exactly forty years ago today. You, Brian, along with four others, will receive my final words of love and encouragement.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out five envelopes. He laid them out, side by side, on the table in front of Brian. The first letter was address to Pastor Thomas Owens, Cornerstone Christian Church, 26 Main Street; the second to Rabbi Sherry Levine, The Temple Emanuel, 128 River Bend Road; the third to Jabir Abbas, The Islamic Center, 184 Main Street; the fourth to Tenzin Rinpoche, The Buddhist Temple, 42 Aspen Road; the fifth to Brian Gardener!

Brian was shocked. “How do you know my last name? And how did you know I was coming here?”

The man gently smiled, “Let’s hope I know a great deal more than just your last name.  All of these people live here in town. I would like you to deliver these envelopes to each of them.  These are invitations to my final message of love to be delivered tomorrow at noon. You may be wondering why, having only just met, I am asking you to do deliver these invitations and be a part of this my final public gathering. Brian, it is not by chance you have walked through this door today. I did know you were coming. I also know you consider yourself to be an Atheist.  As you can see from the letters I have invited leaders from the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist faiths and I have invited you. I know you to be a kind, compassionate and value driven man. I am sure you will be very touched and forever blessed by our visit tomorrow at noon.”

Brian did not know what to say, he wondered how did this man know his name, that he was an Atheist and that he would even walk in this place today?  There was a something very special about this old man, and, as crazy as all this seemed, Brian replied, “Shall I deliver them now?” The old man replied, “Finish your tea first. Afterward you may deliver the invitations and return here tomorrow at noon with the others. I am very grateful for your help.”

They finished their tea in silence. Brian got up to leave and the old man said, “Without you, tomorrow’s gathering would be very incomplete. Thank you, Brian, for being such a beautiful soul.”

Brian stepped out into the bright sunlight and went about delivering the letters. It took him all afternoon and upon delivering the last invitation the man that had given him a jump start earlier in the day appeared before Brian and said, “It is getting late. I see that you are doing some very important work here in our little town.  My family and I would be very honored if you would join us for dinner and stay in our guest bedroom this evening.”

Brian replied “I guess you know about the gathering at noon tomorrow?”  The man just humbly bowed his head, waiting for a response. Brian shrugged, “Yes, I would be grateful to stay with you and your family.”

At noon the next day all the invitees stood under the beautiful, handmade sign. When they opened the front door they found the room arranged with seven comfortable chairs in a circle. The old man sat in one of them.  Everyone took a seat leaving one seat vacant.

The old man spoke. “Thank you all for coming today. I have invited the five of you here, on the 40th anniversary of my eclectic enterprise, because this will be my last public audience. It is now time for me to share a very important message to humanity.

“Perhaps the most difficult part of human existence is the experience of mental suffering and worry. I would like to explain where it comes from and how the human race can evolve beyond it to a state of true and lasting peace,” he continued.

“There is a pivotal teaching that is missing from nearly every religion and spiritual tradition.  First and foremost, we must understand the truth of who we really are. There are two primary states in our human existence. The state of ‘being’ and the state of ‘thinking’.  Humanity is getting lost in the state of thinking.  The greater truth of who we really are is in the state of pure being. This state of being comes before, and transcends the state of thinking.

“Everything is energy. From the cosmos of energy, the intelligence of energy gives birth to our existence.  God is the source and undivided intelligence of this creative energy.  True God and the intelligence of energy can never be separate from itself. God is the oneness of life. Creation moves toward harmony or dis-harmony, truth or illusion, unity or separation. God is pure being and our true nature is also one of pure being. “The absolute source of mental suffering and worry, the road block to human evolution and communion with true God and all of creation, is clear and simple.  We live in a make-believe world of thinking, self-talk and story-telling. Our greatest freedom comes when we honor our true nature, which is a state of pure being and oneness with God and all of creation.

“We try to find true peace, God and unconditional love, through thinking and self-talk. It is not possible. True God and the oneness of life is not in the thinking mind.  Historically religions and spiritual traditions have been trying to lead people to God and greater peace through the conceptual world of thinking. This is literally a mind game. The most enlightened people of faith pursue God from a state of being and oneness.

“I must explain more clearly what I mean by the ‘real you’ and the ‘imagined you’. It is imperative that we understand this very clearly because all mental suffering and worry are exclusively created and perpetuated by the imagined you. This mental suffering and worry is transcended by honoring your true nature: the state of pure being.

“To understand the world of being, walk into a forest by yourself, unplugged from technology and allow your thinking to fall away.  Eventually you will feel one with the forest. This is your true nature of pure being. Watch a sunset with your full attention and allow your thinking to fall away as you experience the wonder and beauty. This is your true nature of pure being. Listen, with your full attention, to the sound of a bird until you are no longer thinking. Again, you are in a state of pure being.

“To understand this world of thinking and self-talk imagine after your walk in the forest, seeing the sunset, listening to the birds you decided to become a ‘mind made’ human character. You give yourself a name, learn a language and collect memories. Now become attached to what you want and what you do not want and begin to worry about life.  You are officially a human character in the temporary world of your own self-talk. Let me explain what I mean by self-talk, upon our birth into this world we each learn a language and are endlessly talking to ourselves day and night about concerns, interests and plans. Typically this self-talking revolves around relationships, money, health, food, school, work and etcetera. We are also talking with other people, of course, but our main talking is with ourselves; sitting, driving, lying in bed, taking a shower endlessly we are talking with ourselves.  Even our dreams at night are created by the conversations we are having with ourselves. This self-talk is a conceptual world of words and dualism.  Every thought is temporary and has an opposing thought;  good versus evil; pleasure versus pain; peace versus war; illusion versus separation and so on.

“If you turn on the television and watch a movie, or read a book about people living their lives, you would be wise to realize your life is a mind made story as well.

“There you have it, the truth of who you are is pure being that is one with God and all of creation. The illusion of who you are is a imagined thinking and self-talking human character.  The absolute miracle of you is missed until you dedicate your life to getting free from the illusion of this thinking and self-talk and honor your true nature that is entirely free and beyond worry.

“If you examine closely spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and people claiming to be atheists you will discover many of them do believe in the possibility of a higher intelligence, a greater harmony and a divine truth. What they often do not believe in is conceptual and dualistic mind-created God.

“Ironically the so-called state of enlightenment is simply just being one with life. This freedom is not something outside of yourself, it is the truth of who you have always been deep within.  Like the open sky your freedom has always been there but the dreaming mind has filled your sky with clouds of illusion.

“One of the biggest secrets to one’s success in the world of religion and faith in God is to pursue God directly through being and oneness rather than through the imagined world of thinking and separation.  When one pursues God through the dualistic world of thinking they will unfortunately be on the never-ending wheel of conceptual thinking.  This is why, so many people of faith struggle and worry during their entire life with concepts of good and evil, heaven and hell. This is exactly, the same reason why so many people desert their religion or faith.  It is the dualistic mind of illusion which they are really struggling with. The answer is so simple: Pursue God from a place of oneness and everything will brilliantly fall into place.

“Our greatest freedom is beyond duality in the oneness of life with God and all of creation.

“Suffering is the catalyst that motivates and inspires our dedicated search for freedom. Eventually, maybe today, we finally get it, that our suffering is entirely created and perpetuated in the illusion of thinking and self-talk.  That our freedom is realized by honoring our true nature: a state of pure being.  It has been said that God created man in his own image. God is pure being and the oneness of life. This means God and God’s off spring are one and the same – pure being. Suddenly, we are not just temporary human characters! Suddenly we are no longer lost in a world of attachment and illusion!

“Recently, I met a young college student who, in the course of conversation, told me that she had an identical twin sister. Her sister was traveling in another country.  I asked her if they experienced life in a similar way.  She said no; they are both very different.  She described her sister as being very openhearted, easy going and adventurous. She admitted her own nature was to be analytical and studious.  I asked which one of them tended to worry more? Her mother, who was present at the time, cut in and said, “This one. she is always worrying.” The young woman followed up by saying that she did struggle with worry and anxiety. Her sister, on the other hand, was carefree.

“I’m sure most of us would agree as to the reason she struggled with worry and anxiety. Her struggle came from living more in her head and less in her heart. Living in the illusion of the mind creates this anguish.

“If I asked any of you to help the struggling sister find peace, I doubt one of you would point out that her suffering is created and perpetuated by pretending to be a mind-made ‘human’ character and that her freedom will come when she learns to honor her true nature: pure being in oneness with God and all of creation.

“I have written the following letter entitled ‘Life Beyond Worry’ to help this young lady and every other precious and sacred soul upon this Earth. This is essentially a map, a pathway out of mental suffering and worry. Following this path will powerfully unify us with God and all of creation. I present this letter to each of you today, so that you may share it with the world each in your own way.”

The old man handed out a copy of the letter to everyone in attendance, the cover page simply entitled “Life Beyond Worry”. Then he placed a copy on the seventh, vacant chair.  A moment later the back door opened. A young woman walked in and the old man pointed to the seventh chair. She picked up her copy of the letter and turned to old man, holding the letter in her arms pressed up against her heart, she said, “thank you”. The old man with a few tears and much tenderness replied, “soon you shall be free”. She turned toward the front door and quietly with great humility left the room.

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