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Dear Precious & Sacred You,

Welcome to “The IAMLOVE Meditation

My name is Jeffree and I am a Meditation & Life Harmony Coach that has created “The IAMLOVE Meditation” to powerfully help us reach our greatest potential for true peace, love and harmony. To learn more about me please visit the About Us page.

We are not associated with a specific religion or spiritual tradition and remain neutral and in service to all of humanity.

We believe in The Miracle of Unconditional Love, Infinite God, Oneness and the Power of Meditation. The “IAMLOVE Meditation” helps us to brilliantly shift to our higher consciousness that is beyond worry, control and attachment.

“The IAMLOVE Meditation” can be learned and experienced in these ways:

Online Video Presentation Level 1: Five, 60 minute sessions with guided meditations (the first video is free, so you can see if it right for you)

In Person Presentation Level 2: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 1 Video Series)

In Person Presentation Level 3: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 2)

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