3 Words = Enlightenment

Pure Consciousness Observing

In the backdrop of your being, resides your true higher nature that is one with God. This true nature is pure life seeing. In the foreground you will find a false imagined version of yourself that many refer to as the human ego. This ego is the sense of i, me and mine creating and expressing itself from self-talk and continual ideas of gain and loss.

We try to grow through this ego to experience a better life run by the ego. At best one may temporarily experience a less painful ego with more entertainments but eventually they will have to face intense ego ideas of fear, worry, sickness, loss and death. One can not go through the ego to get beyond it though it is ironic that we would try. This would be like a robot or a cartoon character transcending being a robot or cartoon character to a higher dimension.

At some point your higher being will say enough is enough and pull the roof off the house and see the ego running about as an imagined separate i, me or mine. The ego will look up and be seen and feel completely exposed and naked to the truth it is only a bundle of imagined thoughts.

You are with God like the eternal sky of pure consciousness observing creation, this ego a passing cloud that for a time caused so much suffering as it pretended to be real. You are with God like the eternal ocean of pure consciousness observing, this ego a temporary wave that for a blink of an eye imagined itself to rise and soon to fall back into the source of it all.

There is only the light of God.

No past, no future, no separation, no me, no you, no them ONLY GOD – Only Love – Only Now.

Pure Consciousness Observing…

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most clear and simple way…