About Us

The iAmLove Organization is lead by Jeffree. In the most simple and direct manner imaginable, we help people of all religions, spiritual traditions and paths to experience what many refer to as enlightenment, awakening, liberation and true and lasting peace, Love and harmony.

Jeffree is a teacher and guide of an absolute faith in God together with the practice of meditation and mindfulness. He has studied and learned deeply about living to Love from the many religions and spiritual traditions of the world. Jeffree does not claim to be so-called enlightened as he believes that awakened living is a continual evolution, he is simply and forever on the path of our true and perfect nature with God. Twenty years ago he traveled through a major health challenge and learned a great deal about healing at the highest level.

Jeffree believes we are wise to seek out and find a primary most loving teacher and guide to help us come home to the infinite miracle and grace of God. Whomever you choose the destination of all God’s creation remains the same which is to Love and glorify God with all of your heart and being. The primary guide for Jeffree is Jesus Christ. Please keep in mind people walk with Jesus very differently for example Jeffree does not believe in the dream of gain and loss ideas such as: health and sickness, death and life, evil and good, war and peace. Jeffree together with Jesus Christ knows there is only what the Father is doing – perfect pure Love 🙂

There is only the light of God.

True Life Purpose in 60 Seconds

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most clear and simple way…

A few quotes and words of encouragement from Jeffree…

Audio – Jeffree: The Greatest Discovery in All the World