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The IAMLOVE Organization is lead by Jeffree. He has been on the spiritual path for the last 30 years. Presently 50 years old, he has extensive experience in the field of oneness, faith, meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, yoga, dance and healthy living.

He has been meditating and teaching for twenty years.  He has faced the typical major challenges of life such as: the loss of loved ones, a major health challenge, divorce, career change and parenting.  Through out it all, he has remained dedicated to conscious evolution and the creation and cultivation of The IAMLOVE Meditation“. The experience of fear, worry and anxiety is something we all face until we learn to rise above the thinking mind and ego to embrace our true nature.

Jeffree does not practice a specific religion or spiritual tradition remaining neutral and in service of all.  His approach to true peace is about simplicity.  The human mind can make everything very complicated including spirituality and religion.

He created “The IAMLOVE Meditation” to help himself and others to reach their greatest potential in the most simple and direct manner possible. Additionally, Jeffree is the creator and coach of the “PowerfulBreath” process for optimum health and vitality.

We present, teach and encourage “The IAMLOVE Meditation” which can be learned and experienced in these ways:

Online Video Presentation Level 1: Five, 60 minute sessions with guided meditations (the first video is free, so you can see if it right for you)

In Person Presentation Level 2: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 1 Video Series)

In Person Presentation Level 3: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 2)