JKPicJeffrey Krumholz is a spiritual teacher and author born in the United States. The book “In the Arms of Love” represents the very best of his heart for humanity. At the age of 26 he faced a major health challenge for seven years and eventually had an operation that returned him to good health. It is during this time he opened his heart to God in a very simple and non-religious manner and practiced meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking. Through his health challenge and operations he felt so completely loved, held and at peace in the arms of God. He has come to see that we are vastly more than these human bodies and thinking minds. We are beings of love. For more than twenty years Jeffrey has been studying, practicing and teaching about the miracle of God, meditation and mindfulness. Additionally he has extensive experience in the area of career and life planning. He lives with his son in Boulder, Colorado.

Jeffrey leads the following workshops each month in Boulder, Colorado.

Upcoming Workshops for 2017 in Boulder, Colorado

Note: If you are unable to attend a workshop in person, you may email us to learn more about receiving a video of the workshop.

  1. Living in Balance – 1 day workshop (first Saturday of the month)  August 5, Sept 2, October 7, November 4
  2. Meditation & Nature – 1 day workshop (second Saturday of the month) July 8, August 12, Sept 9, October 14, Nov 11
  3. In the Arms of Love – 1 day (the third Saturday of the month) July 22, August 19, Sept 16, October 21
  4. Career Harmony – 1 day workshop (last Saturday of the month) July 29, August 26, September 30, October 28

For workshop details please email and in the subject line type “workshops”: info@iamlove.org