logo (1)JKPicThe I Am Love organization is not associated with a specific religion or spiritual tradition. We know that love is everything and that God is love. We believe that pure God is unconditionally loving and does not judge or create separation.

Jeffrey Krumholz is the founder and creates simple and powerful tools for human development. He has come to see that we are vastly more than these human bodies and thinking minds. We are “Beings of Love”. For more than twenty years Jeffrey has been studying, practicing and teaching about the miracle of Love, pure God, meditation and mindfulness. He splits his time between Colorado and Southern California.

Additionally Jeffrey and the IAmLove Organization creates children’s games…

The Gardening of Love, Matching Game

The game of memory (a.k.a. concentration / the matching game). The most positive and encouraging version ever created.  Every card represents a major life value. When players make a match they share what the value on the card means to them.  In one game play, the encouragement and value development is tremendous.