JKPicThe IAMLOVE Organization’s mission is to help humanity reach its greatest potential for true and lasting peace, Love and harmony.  We share a simple teaching called “The 7 Affirmations of Love” that combines a Love for God with the power of positive thinking & meditation. IAMLOVE is lead by Jeffrey Krumholz, its founder.

We present a one day event called “The IAMLOVE Workshop” for people of all ages that changes lives for the better. This is a workshop of universal Love for all of humanity. We are not associated with a religion or spiritual tradition.

We encourage people to create a relationship with God, each in their own special way.  When we combine loving God with time in nature, positive thinking and meditation our greatest potential for happiness can be reached.

We do not believe in judging others. When we do something that is wrong or hurtful we pay a price of suffering deep inside. God, however, never blames or judges us for our mistakes because God is unconditionally Loving.  God never leaves our side as we eventually fix our mistakes and Love more fully.

To walk beautifully with God is to be guided, each new day, by the question; “What would Love do?”

Jeffrey believes in tremendous simplicity when it comes to the cultivation of Love and inner-peace. For more than twenty years, Jeffrey has been studying, practicing and teaching about the miracle of Love, pure God, meditation and mindfulness.

Additionally Jeffrey and the IAmLove Organization creates children’s games…

The Gardening of Love, Matching Game

The game of memory (a.k.a. concentration / the matching game). The most positive and encouraging version ever created.  Every card represents a major life value. When players make a match they share what the value on the card means to them.  In one game play, the encouragement and value development is tremendous.