Drop Everything to Be Free

Drop Everything to Be Free – A book of absolute awakening from the ocean of Love by Jeffrey and the iAmLove Organization

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You are invited to sincerely invest the next 5 minutes of your undivided attention, reading slowly with the intention to gain valuable insight about true and lasting peace and harmony.

Please understand this question and answer is to be asked and answered by yourself 12 times a day or more.

If you solve one problem or heal something in life, there will endlessly be another problem or something else to heal. The question ( I Am Perfect Because? ) and answer ( I Am the Seer of Life ) brings you to a place where all problems, worry and need for healing disappear. We must understand, that we are each divine beings of light observing creation beyond the dream of thinking that creates endless illusions of suffering. You are the cosmos, you are nature, you are life itself observing life.

From: Jeffrey

Dear Precious Ones Around the World,

I have lived a life very dedicated to what many would refer to as liberation or enlightenment. Ultimately, such ideas are just dreams of a thinking story-telling mind. I do experience the state of pure consciousness and try to lead my thoughts toward goodness and purity.

The people of this world are very attached to wanting a better life story that includes: a better partner, better sex, better friends, better groups, better circumstances and more money. All these ideas of better are from the realm and dream of thinking and attachment. I share the way of pure consciousness and the oneness of life that is beyond all the imagined ideas of better and worse.

The greatest healing is not about resolving a physical health condition, rather it is about getting free from the author of imagined sickness and suffering which is the dream of thought. When we achieve the greatest healing which can only be found in our silence and pure consciousness, every other need for healing has the best possible chance of resolving itself. Healing, birth and death are not possible in the oneness of life that is your true nature. Therefore, the pursuit and experience of healing is only in the story-telling mind.


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A 16 Yoga Posture Series Aligned to Stillness (created by Jeffrey and The iAmLove Organization)