Get This and Be Free

There is only what God is.

You are an extension, branch and immortal ray of what God is.

There is no higher truth, purpose or healing then to declare what God is.

All the false and imagined suffering, worry, sickness, loss, bad habits and separation belong to a world that does not understand there can only be what God is.

The belief in a mortal mind of gain and loss ideas must be completely obliterated, there is only God’s unchanging thoughts of perfect Love, health and harmony.

There are two directions in life: Only what God is (silence, stillness and the unchanging thoughts of Love and harmony) or the belief there is something other than God (gain and loss thoughts)

Before there can be the opposing ideas of life and death, health and sickness, good and evil, war and peace there must be the belief in gain and loss ideas. In other words without first believing in gain and loss thoughts there can not be illusions of death, loss, sickness, evil or unrest. This is very difficult for the mortal mind because it wants to believe in the battle between good and evil when in reality God and his children are beyond all battles. The moment you imagine good and evil you are in the illusion of gain and loss thought. If you remove the illusion of gain and loss thoughts again sickness, evil, death and separation can not exist. This simple truth is hard for people to get because the mortal mind has them jumping right into gain and loss thought just like their parents and the rest of humanity without seeing that gain and loss thought is a false and fake world. Get this and be free, there is only what God is.

What I am about to say the mortal mind can not easily understand yet nothing could be more true. God is perfect therefore you are perfect.

God you are perfect health, therefore I am the perfect health of God.

God you are perfect Love, therefore I am the perfect Love of God.

God you are perfect peace, therefore I am the perfect peace of God.

God you are perfect provision.

No matter what the news of the world tells you, there is only what God is.

No matter what the mortal mind tells you about being sick or uncomfortable, you are encouraged to endlessly declare there is only the perfect, perfect health of God.

No matter what the mortal mind tells you about the ideas of death and loss, there is only the unchanging truth and unity with God.

We are all passengers of God living already and forever whole and complete with God in the spirit. Gain and loss is the false belief there is something other then God. What if God truly spoke to you and said: Each new day regardless of perceived circumstances, discomfort and appearances you are to declare: God is perfect and therefore I am perfect. For example if the mortal mind imagined a broken arm you are to say: The arm is perfect. Would you live in this way or would you insist on separating yourself from God by declaring gain and loss ideas? Would you spend your life declaring you are only human and never good enough or that you where created in the image and likeness of God and therefore forever perfect, whole and complete?

The highest honor and blessing is to declare what God is.

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most clear and simple way…