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Life Beyond Worry

Worry is entirely created and perpetuated by the thinking mind and ego. To go beyond worry we must evolve and embrace our true nature that is the state of pure being and non-ownership that is beyond temporary thoughts.

“Life beyond worry is a shift to our greater consciousness of pure being in which worry is simply not possible.”

We are each vastly more than mind made human characters holding onto the past and worrying about the future. The truth of who we are is one with God and all of creation. We are “Beings of Life” which means we are not really the mind made human characters of thought and worry.  As “Beings of Life” we are the silence, stillness and state of pure being in which there can be no control, attachment or division. We were born to evolve by shifting to our greater consciousness, “The IAMLOVE Meditation” is a powerful tool and method thats brilliantly helps us return home to our greatest freedom.

“There is one place worry is simply unable to go, into the silence, stillness and state of pure being & awareness.”