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The IAMLOVE Children’s Meditation

Supplies: Chair or meditation cushion, glass of quality purified water, alarm clock, weekly meditation calendar/pencil, light blanket, quiet location.

Upon waking and before bed the child goes to their special spot sitting in a chair or on the floor and drinks the water and sets the alarm for 5 minutes (more as desired)

Sitting with the spine straight, eyes closed, breathing through their nose. On the in-breath internally they say “Fill” and on the out breath they say “Feel”.

The “Fill” is to encourages them to really fill there chest and belly with air. It can be helpful for them to place their hands on their belly reminding them to fill the bell with air. On the out breath the children are to internally say to themselves “Feel” to remind themselves to focus their attention on feeling the air coming out of their nostrils and across their upper lip.  The goal here is for them to really feel the air touching their upper lip (it should tingle).

It is so important for the children to fill their bellies with air. Most children and adults in the modern world are not breathing into the belly because of to much electronics, talking, thinking and not slowing life down. The organs of most children and adults are getting very limited oxygen and significant stress and worry.

Following their meditation they are to check off their completion.

If you would like to receive a free video called “The IAMLOVE Children’s Meditation & “The Children’s Weekly Meditation Calendar” you may email us at: info@iamlove.org to specifically request it.