Your Day of Awakening

A lifestyle of awakening is a very genuine, real and grounded approach to our ever-expanding liberation. However, there will be days of powerful awakening. 

One day, if not already, the child, angel, and lion of God that you most assuredly are will powerfully throw the illusion of separation and suffering into the sea of nothingness and declare: “THERE IS ONLY GOD”.

For me, Jeffree one night while in bed in the early morning hours before daylight, my mortal mind was struggling with some fear and worry.  That day an hour had come to me, I had enough illusion and suffering. Great strength and power exploded in me, I violently threw the covers off my bed and across the room, powerfully I arose to my feet. I roared at the top of my lungs from the depths of my heart, the great words of a Lion before God: “THERE IS ONLY GOD”.  For days following this roar of eternal truth, my voice was very hoarse reminding me that I Am Love and only Love Forever.

I have come to realize that not only is life not about me in all actuality there is no separate me or ego, there is only God. It may sound strange but human birth into the idea of being a separate human character and ego is actually the idea of death. Ironically the human mind creates the idea of a birth and claims to be fully alive inside of a mortal mind and ego that imagines a future eventual death.

True Love has no opposition. The journey of life is to seek the truth until you know, “THERE IS ONLY GOD“.  As for the ideas of sickness, disease, worry, evil, loss, sin, death and war they have no part or place in the oneness of life together with God. These limitations only exist in the mortal mind illusion of gain, loss, and attachment. True Love can never gain or lose anything. Set your attention on the only light of perfect Love there will ever be, which is the Miracle of God.

I see a gentle smile upon your face when the ideas of suffering come to you because you know this is an illusion that can never be you. I see you wake up in the middle of the night from a so-called bad dream with a gentle smile, knowing this could never be you. I see the idea of a health concern one day coming to you or a loved one and again a gentle smile comes to you knowing this could never be you or them. The truest part of your being knows that you are always and forever spiritual, whole and complete. You know there is only perfect health. You are a spiritual being that can never lose anything. A gentle smile and laugh comes to you realizing that the only thing that could ever be gained or lost is that which an illusion 🙂  

A helpful perception to our awakening:  Imagine stepping into another person’s life for a day, could you maintain knowing this is not your body, circumstances, worries, and story?  Could you just be a seer of life knowing you are entirely spiritual and one with God? This is an example of the awakened state.  Now take this a step further, return to your own body reminding yourself this is not your body, circumstances, worries or story. Cultivate your ability to be a seer of life knowing you are entirely spiritual and one with God.

Many people ask, “If I detach myself from this illusion of a physical body and mortal mind and all its suffering, then who will take care of it?” We will still eat and earn a living in this world, make intelligent decisions, doing our best and letting go of the rest. We just remain wise, productive and unattached.

We are ultimately the consciousness of Love and life in the arms of God. We own absolutely nothing. Our greatest faculty is our attention. We brilliantly experience the states of pure thought, being, awareness, silence and oneness.

Love is smiling 🙂