The Grand Illusion

Imagine if one million years from now a bird had a thinking mind just like humans do.

What does the bird have now it would potentially loose becoming like us? The bird is living in the moment of life without thinking of the past or future. It has not created a separate sense of I or me yet it looks out for itself. It wants and pursues things naturally without attachment to the outcome of anything.

What positive new capability would the bird potentially have becoming like us? It would have the ability to more consciously and deeply know, see and experience creation. The bird could perceive and know God. It could experience emotions, thoughts and experiences of Love and harmony. The bird would now have access to the ability to consciously evolve as a being of Love and light with God far beyond this Earthly plane. The bird could selflessly Love and serve others.

What negative, limiting and destructive experiences would the bird have becoming like us? The bird could get lost and attached to thoughts and endless self-talk based on continual ideas of gain and loss. We call this the human ego and it is the source of endless suffering and worry. Because of this false and destructive form of thought the bird would loose it’s genuine connection to God and one another. It would imagine itself to be a separate I or me having to face endless and opposing gain and loss illusions such as: life and death, health and sickness, good and evil, war and peace.

Our intelligent evolution is to remove the previous paragraph. In other words take off the suit of illusion that pretends to be a separate I, me or mine. Remove and release the resistance of illusion and be forever free…

Please understand when we say there is no me what we mean is there is no separate ego created me. There is always a relationship to be had with God yet there is only the light of God. I know this is confusing for some of you, for example there is only the unconditional Love of God of which we are an extension. This is the true oneness.

What I am about to say one day if not already will make perfect sense and will be the doorway to your greatest freedom. There is no such thing as existing and then not existing just as there is no such thing as God existing and not existing. This is why in the scriptures God is referred to as: “I Am that I Am”. There is only the light and oneness of God.

The highest purpose of life is to honor God. There is no greater way to experience true peace, Love and harmony then by being like God. You will achieve this by throwing off this false suit and sense of being a separate I, me or mine that lives in an imagined world of gain and loss ideas and suffering. We are forever with God in the silence, stillness and present moment. Our thoughts are governed by God and his unchanging thoughts of Love and harmony.

The irony of the idea and concept of existence is that the moment you believe something can exist and not exist you are in the ego of gain and loss ideas and suffering. There is only the light and oneness of God. The bird just like you is a branch and extension of God flying through the eternal sky without a false sense of a separate I or me. The bird is in the oneness always in the present moment of life flying free. No past, no future, no sickness, no death and no attachment. Always walking, flying and living in the spirit with God.

I am not here and you are not there said the bird, there is only God. Then he tossed his name and the idea of being a bird and said: I Am.

Do your best and let God do the rest and stop pretending you exist separate from God. Love and be kind at every turn reminding yourself each new day that indeed you do not exist. Toss your hat, name and idea of being a human, bird or fool and declare: I Am (one with God eternally)

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most simple way…