The Happiest People in the World

Let’s not kid ourselves the reason why people suffer and struggle so much is because they do not understand why and how to brilliantly live and Love with God. Everyone comes into this world and faces the experience and illusion of gain and loss thinking. The happiest people discover how to live with God in the unchanging thoughts of Love and harmony. Furthermore, they learn to live with God in the present moment, silence, stillness and oneness.

Each new day they declare: I will trust and be certain in God, nothing belongs to me, I am a passenger of God going wherever God our pilot is taking us. I am just like a beloved employee of God reporting to work each new day. My job responsibilities are always the same: Declare what God is. God you are perfect health, Love and provision. With every potential challenge in life we simply defer to what God is. There is only the light of God. We can never be less – in truth we are always perfect, whole and complete because we live within the heart and spirit of God. All that comes and goes or can be gained or lost is illusion, God and his children are unchanging. Sickness, death and loss are all illusions of gain and loss thoughts that are apart from God.

Most people that believe in God still remain captivated and ruled by gain and loss thoughts. Scriptures declare believers should not worry yet they do. When we really understand how to walk with God worry goes away.

Maybe you are ready to throw away gain and loss thought and truly walk with God in the spirit.

Simply request the message below and off we go to the happiest life we shall ever know with the miracle of God…