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The greatest love is experienced when we awaken to the truth of who we really are.  The experience of worry reveals to each and everyone of us that we are captivated by thought and ego.

Using thought we have conditioned ourselves to believe that we are the body and the thoughts, which is not true and the source of our suffering. Our evolution to freedom requires that we condition our thoughts to the truth that we are not our thoughts and this body.  We must also condition our thoughts to the truth of who we really are which is the state of pure being and bliss beyond all attachment and suffering.

The following “I AMLOVE Meditation” was created by Jeffree after 20 years of meditation and consciousness study and integration. The goal was simplicity and absolute conscious evolution.

It is so important to watch the free video in relation to the following practice.

Whether we believe in God, oneness, meditation or mindfulness – ownership is a complete illusion. We do not own anything including worry, we are not the thoughts or this body – we are the state of being. 

Doing this meditation without viewing the free video is not advised (it will help you so much 🙂

The IAMLOVE Meditation (sitting)

We teach, support and encourage people of all ages in the following very simple and most effective meditation.

10 minute sitting meditation upon waking and before bed (increasing the sitting time as you wish)

We sit on the floor or in a chair with our spine and neck straight closing our eyes breathing through the nose.

We call the following our “Conscious Breaths

  1. Part 1: On the in breath silently to ourselves we say “I Am Not the Thoughts” and on the out breath we say “I Am Not the Body(this is done for 5 minutes)
  2. Part 2: On the in breath silently to ourselves we say “Fill” and on the out breath we say “Feel“. (this is done for 5 minutes) The “Fill” is to encourages you to really fill your chest and belly with air. It can be helpful to temporarily place your hands on the belly reminding yourself to fill your belly with air.  On the out breath you internally say to yourself “Feel” to remind yourself to focus your attention on feeling the air coming out of your nostrils and across your upper lip.  The goal here is to really feel the air touching your upper lip (at some point in your practice the skin on the upper lip should tingle).
  3. Part 3: Optional – On the in breath silently to ourselves we say “Fill” and on the out breath we say “Listen“. We say listen to remind ourselves to laser focus our attention on hearing a specific sound, it could be the sound of our breath, a fan, the faucet dripping, the furnace, the beat or our heart etc…
  4. Part 4: Optional – On the in breath silently to ourselves we say “Fill” and on the out breath we say “Pure Awareness
  5. Part 5: Optional – On the in breath silently to ourselves we say “Infinite Love” and on the out breath we smile.

The IAMLOVE Meditation (living)

During the day we remind ourselves of the following:

  1. Slowing down and making life more simple (less activities) is essential to our inner-peace and remembering what matters most to us throughout each new day.
  2. We remind ourselves to walk, talk, eat, drive and work in a more slow and efficient manner.
  3. Dedicate yourself to focusing your attention like a laser on one thing at a time. Be so present with one view, taste, touch, smell or sound.  Whenever possible be aware of your breath, noticing when it is coming in and when it is going out.
  4. Because each new day we automatically take time to have meals, you are encouraged to repeat the “Conscious Breaths” before each meal and whenever we are triggered, struggling or worried
  5. Go for a 10 minute walk (or more!) each new day preferably in nature without talking and from time to time we do our “Conscious Breaths“.

We present, teach and encourage “The IAMLOVE Meditation” which can be learned and experienced in these ways:

Online Video Presentation Level 1: Five, 60 minute sessions with guided meditations (the first video is free, so you can see if it right for you)

In Person Presentation Level 2: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 1 Video Series)

In Person Presentation Level 3: One Day Event (prerequisite Level 2)