We All Make Mistakes – Get Over It

We all make mistakes, compromise and do things that are selfish. Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone from the most famous and reputable to the least makes mistakes and poor choices.


“We are never the mistakes, compromises or poor choices just as we are not the mortal mind and ego that pretends to be separate and apart from God. The truth of who we are is entirely of Spirit with God already perfect, whole and complete. We are beyond all illusions of gain and loss”.

We all have to contend with the mortal mind and ego that lives in an imagined world of continual ideas of gain and loss. The ego is a fear based temporary dream of pain, pleasure, suffering and attachment. Eventually we learn to rise about this mortal mind and ego and embrace our true nature that is already whole and complete with God.

The more be believe and pursue a better life in pursuit of what we know to be more loving, kind and good the more rewarding our life becomes. When we make a mistake and do something we know is wrong we are wise to find a quiet place to discover a better way and plan to avoid this mistake in the future. When we are ready, we can share our plan with God and ask for forgiveness. It is that simple and healing.

An interesting thing most of us may not realize is that the opposing ideas of health and sickness, life and death, good and evil, war and peace are really all the same. They are the ideas of gain and loss. Do not think for one second you can have sickness, death, evil or war until there is first the dream of gain and loss.

All forms of worry and suffering require that first we believe there is something other than God. The way home to our true being is to stop believing in gain and loss thoughts. The great truth and realization that honors all religions and spiritual traditions: “There is only the light of God”.

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most clear and simple way…