What it Really Takes to Awaken

What many refer to as the experiences of true peace, Love, harmony, enlightenment, liberation and awakening is a state of freedom that is already present within each of us. To access our true nature we must learn to step aside of the false version of us which is an imagined sense of i, me or mine. To some this will come easier because they came into this world with more consciousness and or had a close relationship with someone here on earth that was already very awake. For those of us intent on awakening to our true and most beautiful nature with God we must make this the priority of this lifetime.

Most people have historically lacked the motivation and spiritual aptitude to access their true nature while in this human lifetime experience. We have found the ones most likely to awaken posses both the suffering to motivate them to awaken and the spiritual insight and aptitude. In other words motivation and spiritual sense is essential to ensure our awakening. However, regardless what you have, know or been through you can achieve anything you set your heart to achieve.

It is this simple, the clouds causing our suffering is essentially self-talk based on endless ideas of gain and loss. This self-talking gives birth to the illusion of a false sense of i, me or mine.

The path to our awakening requires that one day at a time we dedicate ourselves to slowing life down and observing creation in the present moment. We learn to throw out the past, the future, time, worry, attachment and dive into the now of being. We live to experience the pure consciousness of life. Please do not be misled by short cuts and delusions – sitting quietly, walking quietly and observing creation in the present moment is the real and genuine daily path. If you think you will realistically come to your awakening and greatest freedom without dedicating time each new day to sit, walk and observe creation you are seriously mistaken. What ever we sow we shall reap and we suggest you invest in the real work of awakening.

If someone tells you they are enlightened or awake and do not maintain a daily sitting and walking practice they are likely missing out on a most wonderful aspect of the silence, stillness and present moment. Get this, really receive what I am about to say – to every imagined challenge we are brilliantly wise to have the exact same lazer like response. Not words, rather an absolute focus of our attention on the movement and sensation of the breath. The reason for this is because we are shifting to the awakened state of pure being and oneness with God. We will explain this in our message below.

People often say it’s hard to slow life down and get free from all the defeating self-talk and worry. We understand and that is why we created the following free message to powerfully help the miracle of you in the most clear and simple way…