Awakening to Love

Let There Be Love

“At the core of each and every one of us, there is only Love. I believe the very best part of you and me is deeply in Love with true and pure God and all the children of life.” – J

The Two Sentences of Perfect Love & Awakening:

1. God is Perfect Health, Love, Purity & Goodness.

2. No Story, Gentle Breath, Passenger of God, Non-Ownership, Empty Pure Awareness, Wonder, and Eternal Love.

(#2 not technically a sentence)

Soon you will understand the undeniable and awesome power of cultivating these two sentences each new day.

The iAmLove Organization has placed both of these sentences on a shirt to help us to powerfully remember them. 

To learn more and potentially receive a shirt, simply join one of our “Free 10-Day Trials of Encouragement.” 

“Let all of God’s children awaken to their true nature of pure Love that is one with God beyond all illusions of fear and worry.”

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Each Shirt Comes With These Wallet Size Cards

Shirts come in many different languages and colors…




“We are forever perfect, flawless, whole and complete because we are created in the image and likeness of God.” – J

“Did you know that before you can have the opposing ideas of health and sickness, good and evil, life and death there must first be a language apart from God based on gain and loss? One day you and I will fully realize there is no such thing as gain and loss, there is only the oneness of God.” – J