Total Freedom in 2 Words

Total Non-attachment

If the people of this world only new the absolute power of these two words.

Often people think, non-attachment must be a Buddhist thing. These two words that lead us to the greatest freedom, are above and beyond any one religion, tradition or path.

Another foolish thought that often comes to mind when people hear about non-attachment is that it creates a non caring attitude about God and other people. If only the people of this world new that separation, selfishness and suffering is the result of attachment to thinking. God is the oneness of life that is beyond the dream of thinking. We can not genuinely get to God without total non-attachment to thinking!

Why would someone think or suggest that the practice of total non-attachment means we can not brilliantly love, serve and be amazingly kind?

Anyway, to those that will be blessed: Remind yourself daily a dozen times or more: Total Non-Attachment

Doing this will bring us to true peace and oneness beyond thinking.

How and why does this work?

Declaring: Total Non-Attachment, we then accept that we have no need to be attached to any ideas or circumstances. We then find ourselves in a neutral place as life itself conscious. Of course we continue to make intelligent decisions and choices while at the same time we are not attached to anything.

So when a worry comes about health, money, relationships, loss, the welfare of another or anxiety…

Stop and declare: Total Non-Attachment and experience the freedom. Without being attached, continue to make smart choices and decisions for the good and welfare of all

Be wise, do smart things, be amazingly loving, giving and kind, however; continually declare and practice: Total Non Attachment

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