A Message from Love

The intelligence of Love speaking to the miracle of eternal you…

Do you really know me? Are you convinced that true love is one being loving another? Maybe in true love their is no other. What if when we love or hate another, it is really ourselves we are loving or hating?

The highest and most true love is beyond dreams of separation. Love is the pure oneness of life in which there is no other. This is why so many people have valued the golden rule of treating others as you would treat yourself, because; in truth there is only you. True Love is beyond dreams of birth, death and suffering.

Could you handle the possibility that you are the eyes of life that are never born or dies? That maybe, just maybe; pure love is not in thought or relationship. Could it be that you are life itself in which there can be no other? Would you accept an infinite truth? Your love is the silent holiness that is boundless, infinite and beyond all suffering. Again, you are the eyes of life.

Would you forever declare: “I Am Love“?

Maybe or absolutely so, if I do not think, therefore I Am, just as; If I think, therefore I am not.

I Am that I Am of God I Am.

Is it true, the headlines around the world may declare: “Truly, there is only the light of God of which you are one!” The dream of thought invented a world of imagined separation and suffering. It sold you a lie, one big false ride to believe there is something other than the oneness of life. If we read the fine print of this big foolish lie, it says now we can pretend to worry, suffer and die.

Is it possible or has been always so? Love is that silence and oneness of life forever in peace, like a river she flows…

Could it be, the image and likeness of God can never be found in thought? but rather in the silence of beautiful you..

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