Do Bad Thoughts Silently Move From One Person to Another

Absolutely! This is another reason why the power of silence is essential, because in the silence we are beyond and untouchable by the dreams and story-telling of thought.

In a moment, I will tell you how thought works and moves as if silently between people, but first let me be crystal clear: If you are in the presence of someone, their thinking world is trying to enter yours. This is why who you spend time with or around is a really big deal. What can we do? Two things: 1) Develop a strong daily practice of silence 2) Powerfully build your life constitution. Your constitution for good is KING. In other words enable your life force, values, actions and way of life to be so strong in the silence and deeply dedicated to values and choices rooted in goodness and purity.

Can you imagine the amount of thought energy that potentially and continually may come into your mental space from someone you are spending more time with? People often do not realize the troubled and destructive thought life of another person because people are experts at hiding the things they do not want others to outwardly know. However, there inner-thought-world as if secretly, is being transmitted to you.

None of this is to scare you, rather knowledge is power. The more you know what is really going on the more you can powerfuly rise above it. Historically, the people of the world do not talk about this absolute truth and live sabotaged endlessly. The time has come to step into the truth and live a brilliant life.

I will now explain how thought works in the most simple way. Each person has a unique thinking story-telling mind which is like their own record playing machine of thought. Your own thinking mind could see a sign that says children are being kidnapped more than ever and on its own without involving another person spin a fear and worry based story-telling regarding children being kidnapped. This story-telling could effect your mind during the day and likely even more so in your dreams while sleeping. Likewise, your thinking story-telling mind could meet someone that used to be in prison and without the other persons mind ever effecting you, your mind could create and spin some fear based story in your day or sleep about being exposed and threatened by this former felon. Do not think for a second that what you watch on TV, in the theatre, over the internet or read in books does not powerfully go into your own mind of future story-telling! You or the world of others are powerfully programming your story-telling mind every new day if you allow this. Most sickness and disease in the world is programmed by ourselves and others into our thinking. Where would doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and their investors be if they did not program your mind with sickness, disease, pills, therapies and a journey thru sickness and healing. The world of people are being played by the story-telling mind and those corporations and institutions trying to profit, dominate and conquer the material world.

So far, all of these above examples never involved the active mind of another person which reveals that your own thinking story-telling mind is creating so much drama on its own. However, now let’s talk about how another person story-telling mind can cross over into yours. If you are in the presence of someone that has any state of mind from: worry, anxiety, fear, significant sexual energy, significant horror or violent movies, video games or internet media focused on killing or destruction, excessive digital world exposure, depression, worry about sickness, loss, death, drugs, alcohol, people that hurt others, sexual criminals, people filling there mind with porn and of course angry or mean people… Each of these people in your presence are invisibly radiating and projecting out these destruction mental energies that are then invisibly observed and received by your story-telling mind. Your own story-telling system will play and process content in your day or night while sleeping that it has invisibly been exposed to from others.

This is why your strength in the silence and your constitution is everything. The power of your silence takes you beyond all story-telling and your life force constitution of values aligned to goodness and purity becomes the unstoppable force that the story-telling mind can not overcome.

Lastly, what about bad or destructive energies that some would refer to as entities. You could say that strong thought forms coming from one person to another are definitely entities but they need a story-telling mind that will feed on them (maybe yours). There are also thought form entities moving around that do not have a physical human body, for example if someone had a drug or alcohol problem, the odds are there are entities coming to this person that promote and feed on drug and alcohol abuse. There are endless destructive entities coming from person to person and from the non-physical realm to people. Again, this is why the strong practice of silence and ones constitution for strong values for goodness and purity is KING!

Do you think who you date or marry is a big deal? Give me a break, who you date or marry is a massive giant life altering deal! Go slow and really get to know someone for a month or two before that potential first kiss.

Does any of this wisdom and insight above really surprise you? I don’t think so, rather; most of us of have sensed or intuitively known this must be going on. However, rarely if ever has anyone revealed it so clearly and simply as it has been expressed above. The elephant in the room of our lives has been revealed: Bad and destructive thoughts do invisibly and powerfully move from one person to another just as good thoughts do as well.

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