Drop Everything to Be Free Book

The free book follows as an image file or PDF but first a question for you… What do you think would happen if you sincerely worked each new day to sit quietly and practiced letting go of all resistance, all thoughts, all wanting and not wanting? If you focused on deep stillness, deeper stillness and perfect stillness… If you focused on dropping every thought and story… If you let go of all resistance… If let go of all concerns about health, death, money, pain, discomfort… If you let go of every relationship and care about sex, drugs, alcohol and mind altering substance… If you let go of every shame, longing, disappointment and failure… If you let go of all worry, all fear and all tension… If you let go of every organ, cell, muscle and bone???

My friend you would be earning your way to true peace and oneness with life beyond worry, anxiety, unrest and being run by thought. Each new day you would move closer and closer to your true nature as pure life itself.

You would enter more and more to into the state of boundless pure consciousness. At some point in the book you will receive an invitation to email for meditation support, you may want to email for support because you will receive great simple meditation wisdom to let go and be free…

In the world of very high level sport performance there are some athletes that touch into this place of no thought. They work at meditation and the laser focus of their attention. The powerhouse of all is the faculty of your attention, in fact your attention is the center of your being. These athletes are driven to succeed so much they learn how to harness their core faculty of attention. Thinking, thought or story-telling which are all the same! hijacks the attention of the human race now and thru the ages which leads to the human race being run into the ground by thought.

It is ironic that a small group of top performing athletes work hard to meditate and focus their attention to access a no thinking flow state. If only they knew how close they were getting to beings like Jesus Christ, Buddha and Lao Tzu. However, they are still attached to personal mental and material gain and achievement which brings them powerfuly back into the clutches of being own and run by thought. There is a great insight here that these athletes help to shine light upon… True peace and oneness with life requires that we access the silence, stillness and pure presence beyond thought and from this place learn how to lead thought rather than be run by it. This is the art and power of harnessing our core being and faculty – ATTENTION.

Enjoy the free book that leads to the greatest freedom…

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