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Drop Everything to Be Free – A book of absolute awakening from the ocean of Love by Jeffrey and the iAmLove Organization

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Jeffrey was asked the following two questions:

Did you have a significant spiritual event that affected you the most?

What is the biggest obstacle for most people when it comes to enlightenment?

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There is only one and everything is a manifestation of the one. The story-telling of thought is pretending there is you in a dream of a personal life, with suffering, loss and death. This is the illusion and dream of thinking.

Every time a feeling of unhappiness, worry, depression, doubt or anxiety comes ask yourself to whom does this come, who has this?

When perceived troubles come and often when you are without worries and concerns keep asking to whom do troubles come? When you sincerely keep asking this question you realize they do not come from anywhere other than a story-telling mind that has no real source.

Then ask the most wonderful question: I Am perfect because? pause and search yourself for the answer you have already prepared….

I Am the Seer of Life (beyond thought, beyond worry, beyond all story-telling)

You will find more about this most wonderful question as you read on…

I’mWe should never judge anything or anyone because we are looking at that person or that condition from a separation standpoint and a world of separation does not exist. Again, There is only one and everything is a manifestation of the one.

A friend Robert Adams has encouraged us (in these next 6 short paragraphs)

See things from a perfection standpoint, all things are perfect and if you do not feel perfect at the time ask yourself the question: who does not feel perfect? Who feels out of sorts, to whom do these feelings come. That is all you have to do is ask that question and if you ask it sincerely, the thoughts will dissipate and you will feel beautiful once more. You simply just have to ask yourself to whom do these feelings come and wait. And you will realize there is no place for these feeling to come from, in other words no one gave them birth, they are egoless, cause less, they have no father or mother, they never existed, like a mirage in the desert. Therefore even when you feel something and it seems to be real for you do what you have to do to get rid of it but don’t accept it as real. If you accept something as real then you have to use methods to remove it. But if you don’t accept anything as real and you are in the right state of consciousness something will happen to correct the situation.

What about people that never get rid of something and die from it? That is a perfect situation too, who says that is not perfection? That is perfect, that is why you should never judge anything or come to any conclusions, because it is your mind that plays tricks on you, it’s your mind that tells you something is wrong, this is not right, and as soon you say that to yourself, you start worrying and become fearful and make a mountain out of molehill. So you got to catch it right away, as soon as a difficult thought comes to you like that grab it fast and ask yourself to whom does it come? Who is feeling this? If you do not feel like doing that just watch it, become the witness, watch the thought without being affected by the thought. If you are affected by the thought it is no good. But if you can just watch the thought without being affected then the thought will dissipate, you will feel good again.

Don’t let yourself be fooled, you can see many situations, if you watch the news everyone comes to their own conclusions but do not come to any conclusion, nothing is good or bad it is just the way it is in this world. Some people are waiting for the golden age to come, there is no golden age, and there is no hellish age, it is just the way of the world. It goes up and down, it gets a little better and it gets a little worse. The whole secret is to get out of the world, don’t work on your body over and over so you can live to 90 or 100 years old it doesn’t matter how long you live. What matters is what you do with your life when you are alive that is important. What you should be doing with your life of course, is trying to discover your real nature. It is like a discovery, it’s a discovery because it been hiding all these years, you covered it up with ignorance and when you find your real nature once again, all your troubles and  sorrows disappear. It doesn’t mean you will be walking in cloud 9 all the time and nothing will come your way to disturb you. It means conditions will arise outside of yourself but they will not touch you, because you have transcended and you no longer feel the same thing again that you used to feel before. You are finished with that, you are on a higher plateau.

You have to be alert your mind can play a lot of tricks on you to keep you more realistic to keep you in the relative world but always remember the relative world is like the sky is blue it doesn’t exist even though it appears to exist, we shouldn’t just become cold and calculated and say the world doesn’t exist and we shouldn’t care about anything, just the contrary if we see some body suffering we come to their aid. If somebody needs help we help. If someone is having a coughing fit and is rolling on the floor and can’t breathe are we going to say they do not exist and let them die? Of course not, we grab them and do all kinds of things hitting them on the back and turning them upside down, we do whatever we have to do to make them better. So we have to catch ourselves and realize where we are at and not be cold and calculated where we do not have any emotion.

If I am driving my car at night and see an accident where someone crashed into a tree, I will jump out of my car and render assistance and do the best I can and at the time, I will know it is a dream but I am doing it anyway. But then I will let it alone, I will not look for fame, rewards or recognition. I will just do what has to be done and just forget it while all the time I am aware of my reality. It does not change my reality one iota I am just doing what has to be done. If I see a family suffering because they lost a loved one I am not going to walk up and say oh that doesn’t matter they don’t exist anyway on the contrary I will cry with them because I know what they are going thru, they can’t help what they are going thru so I will cry too.

You have to know who you are and be aware of your reality and do what has to be done.

The end of my friend Robert’s encouragement.

The point and bottom line one can gain here is: There is no such thing as a personal life apart from the oneness of God/Life. The imagined world of separation, things and continual ideas of gain, loss and suffering are all illusions of the story-telling mind of thought. You are the Seer of life and never really the doer or receiver of anything. What does not exist is the world of imagined separate people and situations created from the dream of gain and loss thinking. All is one.

Some of you may wonder if there is only the oneness of God then why do we still speak of beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and so on? Because they pursued the one and merged with the oneness and left a trail. The intelligence of the one can travel into the dream of story-telling using the history of these beings and guide us home into the boundless, formless, oneness of life. Additionally your own hiring being can use the life of these beings to guide you in the direction of your higher truth.

I would like to share a quote attributed to the writings of William Shakespeare and two powerful questions from the iAmLove Organization that we can keep asking every new day to bring us back to our true nature…

Shakespeare: “Nothing is good or bad only thought makes it so.”

This quote is suggesting that there is a place beyond good or bad and if there is a perception of good or bad that it is created by thought. That place beyond good or bad is you as the pure Seer of life that is before and beyond thinking. You as the pure awareness of life, for example when you are watching a beautiful sunset with your full attention without thinking or listening to the sound of a bird with your full attention without thinking.

You are encouraged to keep asking these questions each new day and especially if you feel troubled.

Many of you would like to know more about Jeffrey’s story and the iAmLove Organization. Ironically, our message is to drop all thoughts and stories. In simple, God placed on his heart long ago to learn from the various religions and spiritual traditions but not to refrain from joining any one of them. Having learned from the many great beings from before the Buddha and Lao Tzu to long after Jesus Christ, he bows in respect and honor to every genuine teacher of Love and true peace.

Jeffrey has been described as being a mixture of Jesus, and the Buddha, however he has been most deeply touched by Jesus Christ. Without question the blazing north star of his life is Jesus Christ.

The iAmLove Organization is a bridge and offering to our true nature with the oneness of life that is beyond story-telling.

Jeffrey’s favorite painting in all the world by Heinrich Hoffman 1894 entitled “The Portrait of Christ”

In the year 2033, it just 9 years from this posting, it will be the 2,000 year anniversary of his crucification in 33 AD

Fore those that have eyes to see….