One Step to Healing Everything

Thought is the story-teller that creates every possible circumstance. Sickness is considered one of the most undesirable circumstances and there is one step to removing it. If thought creates the circumstance of sickness than surely not thinking would remove the circumstance. It is this simple. You better read that previous sentence in bold again! Very slowly because the odds are you missed the simple one step that heals everything

Worry is another circumstance that everyone wants to remove. Where does worry come from? Worry is another circumstance created from thought. To remove worry we leave thought.

Sickness and worry are thought ideas built and fueled by thought. Imagine that any form of sickness is like a knot. What is that knot of sickness made of? A bundle of thoughts! How then do you remove this knot of resistance? Not-thinking will unravel the knot.

When we enter into our silence and oneness with life, sickness and worry dissolve.

There is of course a point when our bodies will go thru sickness and fall away however there are endless forms of sickness and worry we can avoid or dissolve by going into our silence.

So let’s talk about going into the silence…