Phone Harmony 7 Day Challenge

Most everyone knows, we need better sleep and less anxiety in daily life! The over exposure to the digital world and our endless use of these cel phones is destroying our sleep and creating so much worry and anxiety. Recently the medical and science community confirmed what we already new…Cellular phone usage is causing ADHD and massive over stimulation and strain to the human mind and eye sight.

Please get this, the digital world and every type of screen, especially cel phones and computer screens are causing deadly levels of over stimulation. Human eye sight around the world is facing massive accelerated degeneration. Eye strain, screens and unprecedented levels of over stimulation are causing more headaches, ADHD, unhappiness, mental illness and instability in the lives of people upon the Earth, far beyond anything this world has ever seen.

You must know, our lives and the future children will be destroyed by the digital world if we do create real and healthy boundaries.

Take the 7 Day Phone Harmony Challenge! For one week, you will agree to entirely turn off your phone and all screens by 11pm or earlier. You will then get the phone out of your bedroom. In the morning you will further agree not to turn your phone on or any screens for 20 minutes after getting out of your bed. (take a shower, exercise, prepare food…)

This 7 Day Challenge has so many giant benefits: better deeper sleep, less anxiety, more clarity and focus, improved balance and disciple, serious personal growth, better vision, less headaches, serious health improvements…

FYI: Yes you will need a separate alarm clock! You can not use your phone for waking up. The phone companies and digital world wants to own your attention 24/7 and designed your phone so you would rely daily on the alarm clock. Don’t let them run you! Go buy a cheap alarm clock.