Sex, Mind Altering Substances and Excessive Eating


Of course there is sacred sexual intimacy between dedicated life partners to create a child. Apart from this when it comes to sex, masterbation, porn and second glancing peoples bodies from a sexual interest – enjoy such things to your minds content but simply know this…

All these sexual interests and pursuits powerfully pull you deeper and deeper into the dream and attachment of thought. In other words, if you are above all else here to get free of being run by thinking and to live in your higher state of pure consciousness than you must rise above one of the most powerful attachments of thought – anything related to sex. Many of you may not realize just how much sex is all about the story-telling of thought. To find out just how much sex is driven by the imaginations and story-telling of thought – one can try masterbating for a couple weeks to no thoughts about other people and they will see how boring and unstimulating it is. Without the story-telling and imaginations of thought apart from procreation, sex becomes of little interest. Sex is primarily a fantasy of the story-telling mind. Take for example the female breast, the human mind has marketed essentially a portion of human fat, flesh and blood created to feed a new born baby into some sexual imagination and perversion. The truth of our being is so much higher than the foolishness of sexual perversion. If we are honest, oral sex is such a mind game that often creates shame, weakness and further attachment to the prison and dream of thought. Can you only imagine the amount of people presently in the world and thru the ages that have had a significant part of their life destroyed by sexual perversion and trauma? Surely, billions upon billions!

Sexual experience is a massive drug to the story-telling mind. People have endlessly used sex to intertwine their lives with another. Will you entrap another into a relationship with you using sex rather than getting to know the real you or will they entrap you? Quality relationships that are in high alignment go above and beyond sex. The truly wise may very well avoid sexual experience while getting to know someone. A first innocent kiss in a new romantic relationship may be wise if no sooner than one month. Those truly on the path of their higher consciousness may choose to stop second glancing the body parts of people from a sexual perspective. There is no judgement in what I am about to say, rather; just being clear, is it not true that a great majority of people put a lot of attention into dressing to draw sexual attention to their bodies? Will you choose to rise above looking at people for sexual interest and seek their inner beauty instead?

Mind Altering Substances

Just like sex, mind altering substances cause us to become powerfuly attached to the story-telling of thought. Again, enjoy mind altering substances to your minds content but if your supreme priority is to get free of being run by thought and dwell in your higher pure consciousness then they must go…

Excessive Eating or Drinking / Over Indulgence/ Poor Food Choices

Just like sex and mind altering substances, food and drinks can become another powerful attachment to the story-telling of thought. Again, enjoy excessive or pleasure driven eating and drinking to your minds content but if your supreme priority is to get free of being run by thought and dwell in your higher pure consciousness – then excessive eating, drinking, and pleasure driven attachment to food must go…

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