The Final Thought

If I could tell you how thought really works on the deepest level, maybe you already know? I would tell you there is truly a life beyond worry. I would cry out from the top of the world that worry does not belong to you. I would reveal how this character of thought and ego truly operates.

Why did they never tell us that thought is the same thing as thinking, story-telling, conversation and decision making? That the story-teller by day lives in a familiar dream with routines and structure while the story-teller sleeping at night weaves dreams of our hidden emotions, fears, worries, desires and latent tendencies. Though it may seem hard to believe, a powerful teamwork between these two story-tellers is aimed at setting us free.

During the day we avoid thoughts of death, loss and suffering while at night in our dreams we may battle or run from such fears. What if hard times, bad dreams and the most challenging ordeals are trying to show us that all these dreams could never be real?

Could it be, this dance of thought is working day and night to unravel an unthinkable truth? For every thought and story must dissolve at its root.

You know the deal, it takes two to create an ordeal. So when there is trouble with another that is not your cup of tea, you long since discovered not to engage. The same shall apply when it comes to your dreams and worries. When you see a thought, story or unpleasant dream, know it is not you. Again, it takes two to create an ordeal and without you there in the mix, surly there will be nothing to fix.

If only I could tell you, what you may already know… how thought uses stories of sickness, death, loss and worry in such a secretive way. Temporarily captured and imprisoned by thought, until the one day we decide we shall see, the doorway of silence that sets the world free.

The final thought that gets the job done – Drop everything, every thought and story to be free.

However, know this; thought is a miracle that creates but if it runs us, into the ground we will go. This being so, established in our silence we can lead thought wherever we go.

Does this really surprise you? To be free, one must leave every word, story and belief from birth to death and all that lies between.

Stand in your power day and night, knowing and declaring not one thought or story is you. For the truth of your being will never gain nor shall it lose.

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