The Most Advanced Teaching

What would happen to someone claiming to be so-called enlightened that faced a mortal body and thinking mind going thru a very painful health condition? Would they struggle and lose their peace? What if their health condition took away their ability to walk? Would they be disappointed? Furthermore, what if they traveled thru this really hard health condition for two years and then returned to a healthy pain free life and two years later it came back even worse? Would they worry, complain or struggle the second time?

The reality is this, very few beings would not struggle with such things regardless how spiritually advanced. This means they are still attached to thinking and very hard circumstances.

To sincerely transcend these most difficult ideas of suffering one would have to powerfully master indifference to good or bad ideas and circumstances.

We are wise to be so humble, no matter how far we have come.

Ultimately, the path of absolute liberation requires that our desires and attachments fall away, the thinking mind must become completely silent. Then we keep working daily to become more and more established in the silence of the mind. With the thinking mind in absolute silence, we see ourselves as the entire universe in a state of boundless pure awareness. Genuinely arriving to this state, all ideas of suffering have no audience.

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