The Real Cost of So-Called Enlightenment

As a friend on the path to oneness once said: You must take the absolute position: “I must awaken!”

Getting free from being run by the story-telling of thought and to dwell in your higher pure consciousness requires a complete and total olympic effort. Ultimately, you never get there thru thought. When you are troubled by anything, it can be helpful to remind yourself that you can never get to the truth of who you really are thru thought. You can not get there thru thought, never thru thought will you come home. We must become experts at remaining silent. We must learn to sit in the silence both eyes closed and open for hours each new day.

Sleep at night is one of the most powerful breading grounds for the dream and story-telling of thought. Each night when the people of the world go to sleep, the dream of thought gets stronger and stronger. At some point, those that are the true olympians of getting free of being run by thought will not be carried away by the story-telling mind when resting or sleeping. They will meditate during sleep, remaining in pure awareness.

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