The Truth About Enlightened Living

Did you know that people that are genuinely experiencing an enlightened state of being typically still sit in silence for 2 or more hours a day? This is because without the daily time in silence, the quality of our inner-peace is reduced. There is a great delusion about people that may be experiencing a state of so-called enlightenment. If they are honest, they will tell you that desires for tasty food, sex, drugs, companionship, attention from others and concerns about money, loss, survival and physical health issues still can come into their thinking and interest. The more dedicated we are to sitting in the silence and pursuing goodness and purity each new day, the more our attachment to these desires and concerns fall away

There is no history of a being born into participation with the dream of a human mind and body that has not had to do the deep work of silence and pure thought. Do not be misled, no-one is ever entirely free of this work while still in participation with the dream of a human body and mind. If we do the real work of silence one day at a time, never walking away from our daily time in silence, truly; we will experience pure peace, joy, love and tranquility.