Wisdom for Avoiding Dangerous People

There are so many people with positive and good intentions just as their are so many people with dark and destructive lives. Most of us with good intentions are very unaware of just how dark, deceptive and destructive so many people are. As you may know there are endless people trying to scam, rob or abuse who ever they can, likewise there are endless beautiful, wonderful and good people all around us.

So here is a simple and powerful strategy to protect your life journey from the wrong people. We call this the “123 of People”. Decide instantly and continue to refine your belief as to whether a person is a:

1) A Normal Safe Person

2) Not A Safe Person

3) Not Interested in A Relationship (strictly business)

If someone is a #2 – You decide to never talk to them. You always move far away from them. If a bad person becomes physical, naturally you defend yourself. Stand your ground of never talking to them and if they are speaking to you, a one or two word answer may be needed and you keep moving away from them. You never care about being right with a #2, your absolute success and well being is never talking to them.

What qualifies someone as a #2?

They just seem wrong and threatening in some way. You just do not feel safe around them and would never want to be alone with them in a room.

Why is this powerful rule of never talking to a #2 so important?

The moment you converse with someone the opportunity for conflict astronomically increases beyond 1000%

Can people move from being a #2 to a #1?

Of course, but go slow and honor your initial intuition because there is likely something hidden about this person that could be a real issue.

Lastly, go slow with new relationships. There are important and often critical details about a person you will never know until you have known them for at least one or two months. As for dating, the truly wise wait at least one month before the first kiss.

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